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Can I complain?!

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This is pregnancy #3 for me, and boy I have never felt so miserable!! At only 24 weeks I can barely walk because of PSD, my braxton hicks are getting quite intense every night, I am crampy, pee myself too often and have an annoying amount of CM already. I am just so miserable! I remember all these complaints right near the end of my last 2 pregnancies, but at least the end was in sight. How am I going to last another 16 weeks?!


Thanks for letting me rant. I hate to be too much of a cry-baby with DH, he is super supportive, but it just isn't the same as complaining to others who have been in these shoes!

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Rant away!  I hope that you get a few moments to yourself for a cup of tea and to put your feet up.  I  am sending you giant hugs and I promise you, you can do it!!  And you'll be so happy at the end to wrap this little ones in your arms.  

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I agree - rant away...we all understand!!!  I am 25 weeks and am having trouble walking due to sciatic nerve pain...its awful!  Starting chiropractic tomorrow to hopefully help this settle down a bit!  I don't have any advice for you other that to feel comfortable to rant/vent/complain all you want to us :)

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I am also miserable right now. I peed myself the other day when I sneezed and it was horrible! I have pulled my groin muscles over and over for the last 12 weeks, in fact it was so bad I had to put myself on self imposed light duty. And then just as I start feeling better my DH threw his back out and literally can't do anything. I really just want to cry at this point. Last night I was so tired after taking care of my DS all day, then having to take my cat to the vet only to get no answers on her, then had to come home and feed the farm that I stopped at the grocery store and got dinner from the deli, well the food did not agree with me at all and I was up half the night puking. I am so over this shit right now. I just passed 28 weeks so I have 12 more to go and some days I don't know if I am going to make it!

I hope things get better for you and that you have an easy last 16 weeks!

J1379 - please let me know if the chiropractor helps, I have been having back pain this entire pregnant y, I had hoped to go to the chiropractor myself today but I had DH go instead of me and now I have to save another $80 to go. My back is so messed up I can't even drive my Tahoe due to the pain it causes! When I have no choice but to drive it I practice my deep breathing though, so at least some positive can come out of it.
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Oh the dreaded sneeze-pee...I hate to admit how much it happens to me, especially with the fall weather change.  My allergies were acting up for a few weeks, and it was the worst!  So much sneezing and sneeze-peeing.  I keep having trouble with my groin muscles too, having them pull or spasm or something.  Ouchie.  This little one has been easier on me than my DD was, but having her to chase around has made me more tired this time around!


I've been going to the chiro regularly, and it has been a god send this time around.  Minimal back pain, and when something does move out of place I know it'll get fixed on Monday :)  I'll probably be a once a month-er after the baby is born just for upkeep, and if I ever get pregnant again will have regular adjustments.  I feel so much better in that way, no sciatic pain/locked up tailbone/hips that hurt just from walking.  It's completely worth it!

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LOL - the "sneeze-pee"!  How many times has this happened???  So embarassing!!  For me I find its worst when sitting so I try to stand up and sort of cross my legs to stop it! LOL  Oh the joys......


Pogo0685 - I definitely recommend chiropractic!  I started treatment when pregnant with DS#2 because my sciatic nerve pain was so bad I could barely walk and couldn't even dream about bending forward.  Within a month of treatment I was feeling like a new person and felt amazing by the time I was full term.  This time as soon as I felt the sciatic pain coming back I called right away to make an appointment because I don't want it to get as advanced as it did last time before I sought treatment.  If you can swing it....I would definitely suggest it!!!

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Oh yes, have to be able to cross the legs...if a sneeze catches me off guard while sitting on the couch I don't stand a chance sneeze.gif

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I am going to the Chiropractor on Wednesday and I am so excited! Dh and I are going to try to each go at least once a month if we can from here on out.

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Rant away! That's what we're here for. It's happened to me as well! First time!!! Luckily only a tiny bit of pee. Phew. Oh the joys
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Thanks everyone! I don't have anyone IRL who has been pregnant recently, so things like 'sneeze peeing' (or cough-peeing, walkig-up-stairs-peeing, standing-too-long-peeing, peeing-when-I-dont-even-have-an-excuse-peeing) is just gross and not really something anyone can relate to or sympathize with.


On a much brighter note, my midwife wrote me a medical note so I am officially done work now. Yesterday was my first day home, and it was nice being able to slow down and take things easy whenever I got too sore or my BH became too intense. And as a major plus, DSs don't care if I pee myself :)

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