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home business

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I want to start a home business.

I was wondering if anyone has had startup/home experience?

I am trying to find resources to do it right and not look like some crazy lady in her house just making it up as she goes.

One thing I am lost on is a good reputable web designer. My whole business can be done online so I need a top notch website with a couple functions but I dont know who's legit.

By the way- if you do web design or know someone please PM me:)


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I would start off by looking at your local city and state tax laws. You have to register for a tax id and what not. I read a good book recently called "A girls guide to starting a business" or something like that. It's a really good read and gives you a starting point. As far as web designers, I would make sure you check references and see a portfolio.

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Do you have Chamber of Commerce events in your area?  I might start looking there for web/graphic designers.  I pass a web design company on my way to work every day but I couldn't remember the name so I gooled the town and web design.  I found dozens!  So I would start as locally as you can with that. 

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There is a SBA center in my city. A lot of the classes are free and they also do consults. Depending on what you are going for, this could be a good resource. They teach you about taxes and bookkeeping and stuff like that.



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