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Has anyone used black cohosh before?

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I might consider it in a week or two if nothing is 'moving' on the baby front by then-- wondering if anyone has any experience with it? If so, how did you take it (homeopathically? herbal tea? tincture?)

My midwives are ok with it but I read a few things that got me a little bit concerned.

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I did once.  I won't do it again...I am just freaked out about inductions of any type...mine was tincture form.  IF I did need that option, I would opt for homeopathy...it seems the least intrusive.  I think I would look into acupuncture or chiro before.  I am very chill with waiting on this baby, though I understand not everyone is.  I am 5 days "over".

Not the same labor, but I used a sweep and c. oil for a baby and he came, but ended up in the hospy for 2 days due to mec. and breathing issues at birth.  He was big, but not ready.  That's pretty much why I am not willing to mess with it.  My hospital experiences have been coercive and intimidating and stressful. 

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Yeah that makes sense! With DD1, I had acupuncture the night before my water broke. I never went into full blown labor on my own after it broke and because I was highly GBS positive, my midwives opted to have me induced via Pitocin after 36 hours. I often wonder how long DD1 would have hung out if the acupuncture never happened.

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I used it with my DD1 after my due date.. and i went in to labor 4 hours later! I also took 3 ish doses while i was in early labor to help move things along (i had a 26 hour labor total.. for my 4th.. my slowest so far of 4!) I took the capsule form and i'm completely comfortable with it. I have been following the protocol this time of starting it at 36 weeks in small amounts and working your way up weekly to 1500mg. It is one of those things, it is a uterine toner just like rrl tea. black cohosh does NOT cause contractions like BLUE cohosh. and i am in no way comfortable with the blue cohosh.   I also thought i should add black cohosh is in some of those labor prep supplements that people mentioned in the prepping your body for labor thread. I take it with my EPO! :)

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I've been taking it for weeks.  It tastes bad (the tincture) and I don't think it does a darn thing.  

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I'm thinking about starting it today, 40 weeks. What is the down side?
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You can do your research on it, but i've never had any ill effects from using it..  it lowers blood pressure.. so if you have low bp maybe you shouldn't take it?? it says it has been associated with more bleeding post partum.. but there really hasn't been enough research to back that-  if you have had any history of bleeding problems i wouldn't take it just to be on the safe side, but other than that, i don't see any harm!

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Thanks! I actually do have low blood pressure, and hemorrhaged with my last birth. I definitely wont be using it :)

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yes safe to say you should avoid it!!

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