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first food picture share!

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Lets share first food pictures! 


uras video  




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I love her face, that was Cora too the first time.

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Love it! I put squash in front of Odin a couple days ago. Absolutely no interest. So we will wait a little while longer. 


I want to see more videos!

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Loved the faces! We are gonna start Cayleigh tomorrow probably since milk alone doesn't seem to be enough for her anymore. I'm thinking banana mixed with some milk.

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lol that was hilarious! ursa is adorable!  Phoebe isnt ready yet. Maybe in a couple of weeks. I am not feeling the need to rush it since her belly seems so sensitive already. I don't feel like rocking the boat at all.  we will probably start with avocado or sweet potatoes since we eat those a lot.

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rosebud loves food. she's not 6 months yet but she just loves it so who am i to stop her? I feed her avocado and sweet potato often. usually i load a spoon for her and she jams it right in her little mouth.

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So cute! 

Louisa LOVES FOOD, and I started giving her some bananas, sweet potato, avocado, etc last week. Apparently we overdid it for her little system, because the poor thing didn't poop for days and days. Freaked me out. So I gave her some prunes (which she loooves) and lots of nursing and today the situation, um, righted itself. So we'll take it a little bit slower on the food now. 

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