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Please watch this film!

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Did you know that most of the food you consume is genetically modified and has been linked to various health problems such as infertility, cancer, auto immune disorders and diabetes?

For example, over 80 percent of corn has been genetically modified. Among other things, they have taken the Bt toxin and inserted it into the DNA of corn so that it kills insects when it tries to eat the corn. And derivatives of corn can be found in so many products (ie. Citric acid, Maltodextrin, corn syrup, etc) so most people don't even know they are ingesting it. Same goes for soy and canola.

In California, there is currently a ballot initiative to label genetically modified foods. As parents, we have the right to know what is in our children's food. Please watch this film--it will change the way you view food. It is free to watch until the 18th. Please spread the word!

If that doesn't work, try this: http://m.youtube.com/index?&desktop_uri=%2F#/watch?v=wnlTYFKBg18
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I only had time to watch the trailer but it looks like a very important film. I hope enough people who need to see it do....and not just those of us who already know why GMO food is really screwed up.


It's also one reason I am SO grateful to be living in Europe, in probably the strictest and most resistant country on earth as far as fighting the onslaught of GMO food. At least they have to label it here, and I have never even encountered food with the label. Literally so many people wouldn't buy it that they barely sell it, or as in fresh fruits and veggies it is still not even on the market. So one would only find it in processed products that contain GMO ingredients. Again, rare and hard to find. I am sooooo grateful and it's one of many reasons I am staying put in this country (I'm American and immigrated here). Still, the chemical industry is very huge, powerful and will not give up and by and by the EU is breaking down because, politics is still politics and the bottom line is still the same. It is so so sad, scary, and makes me very angry. I feel helpless, beyond just avoiding Frankenfood in my own life.

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