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In the perfect world, the perfect baby shower should have....

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...only adults and nursing babies attending

...all color coordinated desserts and drinks 

...gifts of money or new aio cloth diapers


Just for fun, what would you wish for?  Assume everyone attending and hosting was thrilled with your ideas and thought it was a delightful time no matter what you ask them to do.  :)  Including in-laws.

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money and aios

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a winning lottery ticket so I can quit my crummy job and spend more time with my kids.


but I'd settle for a pedicure and some Belgium waffles.

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oh! I get to pick my own! :p okay, tasty food (I don't care what it looks like long as it's good!) and gift cards/money so I can get exactly what I want. I can't tell you how much stuff I took back when I had my first. Then there was all the stuff you can't return and you just regift...... :p

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Originally Posted by faithsstuff View Post


oooh, yeah, then you could have a real fruitcake (the kind that you make waaay ahead and douse in liquor and ... yeah), that would be fun!

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Definitely gifts of only money/gift cards! I shouldn't complain, though, because most of my guests bought from the registry and the people who didn't still bought nice things (some more useful than others, though). I lived in Ecuador for a semester during college and my host sister-in-law had a baby shower while I was there - there it is apparently standard practice for everyone to just bring cash and stuff it into one envelope that's passed around. I would have liked that. ;)

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Only things you ASKED for or that were on your registry. Ugh, I got so much extra stuff and I hate having things I don't really need....


And lots of people I love, lots of laughter, and positive thoughts and words :) NO scary birth stories or miserable memories of pregnancy being told to me.

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Yes, only things that were on my registry or cash/gift cards- or a gift certificate for a maternity and/or newborn photo shoot.  Gluten free food. 

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I would love to have a Blessingway but I don't know the right people!  orngtongue.gif  I would love to have my hair brushed and feet massaged by friends in the candlelight, but I somehow just don't see that happening!  A pedicure sounds great, I've never actually had one but it does sound fun.  I need to get up the initiative to find a place and go get one before LO arrives.


We gave all our baby stuff away, so I would love to replace it:  Nice handmade wooden stuff, and a few good quality unisex clothes in non-pastel colors.  (Not that I had those before--that's just what I'd like to replace all the cheap junk with!)   A new Babyjogger stroller, since we thought we were done with kids and used ours to drag dead deer out of the woods the last few years.  (We received a deer cart for Christmas last year, but the poor stroller may be beyond help.)


Or maybe a housecleaning/painting party instead!!


Looking forward to hearing more ideas...as far as I know we're not even having a shower, but it's fun to imagine.  Good visualization practice, too!  smile.gif

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