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A path down memory lane

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Kost famous toys from each decade. Love this. I'm looking at stuff from the 70s. Yes, I realize I am dating myself. winky.gif


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That's awesome! So many good memories!!! Or not-so-memories.... heck, I have a koosh ball here on my desk!

I'm biglaugh.gif that fake vomit was one of the greatest in the 50s!!
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Fun and funny. 


I don't remember shrinky dinks in the 1970's - don't know why, because I guess they were very popular. Dd and her friends use it now to make jewelry. They print images off the computer and create some terrific stuff. 


I have a fond memory of Etch-A-Sketch. For a while, a few years ago, I had one sitting on a shelf like a framed photo. DS had "written" "I Love You Mom" on it. Eventually, it was shaken and the image was lost, but it was very sweet while it lasted. 

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Rubiks Cube!  loved it,

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wow, lots of memories! i was born in '82, but had a couple of cousins 5 yrs older that i got hand me downs from.... i didnt realize some of those toys were so old!
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Where's the head of hair you could comb and style? I wanted one of those so bad! I remember also really wanting one of those sno cone things and seeing adds for it all the time.
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