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Fluff Thread: Tell Us Your Dream Birth!

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Hey Mummas!

I love how different and unique everyone's plans are! Well the title says it all- tell us your birth story in advance smile.gif in a perfect world of course smile.gif

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My dream birth (I've actually had this dream) is going into labor on christmas eve (around 9 or 10 p.m.) in a small snow storm, laboring with my family (because of course my almost 3 year old will stay up all night for the birth with no complaining or meltdowns), and giving birth in the water between 3 and 5 a.m. on christmas day surrounded by my family (and my midwife) then going to sleep and not telling anyone the baby is here for at least 24 hours.

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Aw, this is such a hard thing for me. My birth is such a question mark right now, because my true dream birth (giving birth in our own home, in Wales) is so unlikely to happen. It will probably be here, in a birth center...so at this point, my biggest dream is just to have a healthy, successful natural birth that is at least a week before or after Christmas (my due date, haha). 

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Ok mine is having Braxton hicks for a week or so before hand, then one night I feel things amp up a bit, so I decide to go to bed. I sleep through them for a few hours, then wake up to a contraction or my water breaking or something.
While I'm showering DH messages midwife smile.gif I keep labouring in the shower while he sets up bed and pool, midwife arrives, I jump in pool and we have a baby at dawn smile.gif DH or I catch him/her.
After a while, I hand bub to DH and birth the placenta. We eithe cut the cord or not (undecided), tuck into bed, eat some tea and toast, then pop the extra special bottle of champagne we have saved from our wedding, then breast feed and sleep smile.gif
We call/text everyone after a sleep smile.gif and prob don't have visitors for the next day or two smile.gif
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DD's birth will push me (no pun intended) to expand my trust in my body, my DH, and Spirit. I'll take away a sense of strength, joy, and ease. But I have no idea what that will look like logistically! I've been thinking about logistics a lot this week, especially what we'll do with DS as our childcare arrangements depend on what day and time labor gets underway, and how long it lasts. It's been really neat to imagine all of the many permutations that could work for that specific aspect of the birth, and to realize how the same principle is true for every aspect of the birth.

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Not too exhausting and no last minute worrisome surprise situations - just a physiologically normal peaceful birth. About the details, I just want to get ds squared away, and me comfortably to hospital with dh with no rush or worry. I guess the theme here for me is stress free. And I want the tub to be free!!
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Awake. That's my primary goal. I had an emergency csection under general anesthesia with DD. It's not an experience that ever really leaves you. The first time this baby cries, I want to hear it. 


If we're going all-out with our wish lists, I want a VBAC. Ideally a drug-free, quick one that culminates in a healthy, happy baby girl (and a healthy me, of course). 

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In a word, convenient.  Hahaha, yeah, I know.

Ideally labour would happen overnight while kids are sleeping, on a day where I'd magically had a nap, baby born in the morning, all would be completely boringly normal.  I wouldn't tear, baby would be well, and I'd have a remarkably fast recovery.

Yeah, I can totally relate to that!! I feel like "convenient" might be more than I should hope for but if we are talking dream births that would sum it up in one word!

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Hear hear for convenient! thumbsup.gif

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dream birth i will go into labor spontaneously (not induced because of high blood pressure), and it will be unmedicated and uncomplicated. overnight would be nice so that i can nurse dd to sleep, labor at home through the evening, go to the birth center and give birth, and then dd come see me and new sister when she wakes up. but the birth center allows children so if i labor during the day she can be with me. ideally i'll spend most of labor in the tub, have great support, not tear this time, and not be too exhausted afterwords.

i don't think that's actually too much to hope for/too much of a dream. i have my first appointment with my new midwives thursday and i'll find out how antsy/induction-happy they are about high blood pressure, but that's my only real obstacle to having the birth i want. the fact that i get a birth center and midwives this time rather than a crummy military hospital already makes this birth miles dreamier than my first.

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