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Difficult Times

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Okay...I'm in bit of a dilemma. My boyfriend is Trinidad and Tobago and Jamaican. I am Nigerian Indian Caucasian, African American and Native American. I had my son four months ago. My boyfriend is dark skinned, very dark bit not too dark and I am medium dark with a light under tone, he also has a light under tone. My son came out white, but with dark nipples and nail beds. My boyfriend did a home DNA test that came back negative. I know he is the father my son has so many similar traits of him. My questions are One is it possible for us to have had a light skinned baby being that his race is mixed with black white Hispanic and Chinese, and should I trust the result of a home paternity test that was bought at a local drug store. I need answers, my son needs his father
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Welcome to MDC, new2life.  I'm sorry you are going through this.  You may want to post this in the Mulitcultural Parenting forum and/or Parents as Partners.

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