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Hi All - I am trying to find someone who might need newborn milk located in Tucson.  My daughter was born at 36 weeks when my water unexpectedly ruptured so she spent a week in nicu to help with her breathing until she got used to being born.  :)  During that time I was worried about my supply for her so I pumped like crazy and I have about 110 ounces of newborn milk/colostrum and milk from her first month that I would like to donate to someone who needs it.


I have a grass fed cow order that just came in and my freezer needs the room!  I am totally out of space.  I don't take any medicine or drink caffeine at all and I'm a pretty healthy eater that likes whole foods/organic or local and grass fed.  I produce very good milk, my first daughter was EBF and was 105 percentile and my new little one is gaining 1.5 pounds a week.  I think I make butter, lol! :)