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All of my shirts are too short.

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Vent.  I threw a complete tantrum in my closet today, as it was one of the more chilly days and I put on a white maternity tank and this cute grey v neck sweater and black pants.  I go to brush my teeth and look down and both the tank and the sweater are now resting completely ABOVE my belly.  What the.... I could even get them to stay down at all, so those got ripped off and I ended up wearing some ugly shirt which I thought was a tunic because it looked so long but barely covered the bottom of my belly and I had to keep pulling it down ALL DAY LONG. 

Ugh, I know I only have 3 weeks left (or 5 weeks depending) but nothing fits!  I can't be dropping off my son at K with a halter top on!  Ack, I'd scare the children. 

It's funny because when I bought some of the tops last spring, I remember laughing saying how big and long they were and I'd never fit into them.  Um I'm not laughing now. :(

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Yep, I've figured out you have two choices, anything that drapes is going to not cover, if you want it to cover it's going to be clingy and tight. So either way it sucks. You're either showing off the rolls or your showing your lower belly...... grrrr......

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I would say half of my maternity shirts are too short, but my bigger problem is pants.  All except for 2 pairs are too tight and the stupid band digs into my pelvis, causing soreness and cramping.  I hate wearing pants right now, but it's getting cold here and I don't have much choice.  I can't wait until my clothes feel comfortable again.

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These posts made me laugh!  I thought I might be the only one with this problem since I am so tall!  Yesterday we stopped at a gas station and I took off the sweatshirt I'd borrowed from DH.  OOPS, should have waited until I was in the van!!  Pants down under belly, shirt bunched up over top!  Cold and embarrassing all at once!!


Kateaton, I totally agree.  I bought the 2X sweatpants back in Sept, but I may go back for the 3X pretty soon here so they can go around the belly instead of under (hitch, hitch).  And I really don't know what to wear out of the house anymore!  I refuse to spend $75 on a pair of jeans that I'll wear for a month, so I guess I'll just walk around like a moron hitching my pants up every few steps!

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This (and the fact that even my maternity pants don't feel comfortable anymore) is why I am mainly wearing dresses these days. Everyone thought I was dressed up yesterday at work - I assured them that it was quite the opposite and I was just wearing a nice-looking (but super comfy) dress because I didn't want to wear uncomfortable pants and too-short shirts!

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Belly bands!  Get some in some different colours. They're cheap and they cover your tummy.  I refuse to buy anymore maternity clothes.  I'm closing in on the finaly weeks of my final pregnancy, so I can't justify buying anything more.  In the early months, I was using belly bands to keep my non-maternity pants up.  Now I'm using them to cover my tummy as my tops "shrink" with my growing belly.  They also keep my tummy a bit warmer as the temperature drops.

P.S. Belly bands are great for after pregnancy, too, to cover your tummy and back when you are nursing.  Particularly useful for those of us who will be nursing our newborns through a northern hemisphere winter!

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I have some cheapie maternity tanks from Target that are very long.  I wear them under my super cheapie maternity shirts that are too short.  I have a belly band, but it bugs me for some reason, makes me more itchy.

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Originally Posted by leafylady View Post

I have some cheapie maternity tanks from Target that are very long.  I wear them under my super cheapie maternity shirts that are too short.  I have a belly band, but it bugs me for some reason, makes me more itchy.


I have some of those target ones and they are still too short for me.  :(  I have some motherhood ones which as long as they haven't shrunk almost cover the bottom of the belly.  And I agree, the belly band hurts me now...maybe it's the polyester or spandex whatever but pretty much anything that isn't cotton or super soft actually hurts the skin on my belly...must be very sensitive right now.


Oh and today I just couldn't put on a bra, I just couldn't do it and then at some point after dinner I could no longer wear pants.  My husband seemed confused as to why I was just waddling around with a sweat shirt on but everything is starting to hurt. 

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I can't stand having anything putting any sort of pressure on my tummy  now,  because it increases the feeling that I'm being suffocated.  I roll the elastic waists of my trousers down below my belly. However, my belly bands don't bother me.  At least, the large ones don't.  They're all made of cotton though and very soft and stretchy.  H&M sells very long maternity t-shirts and tank tops.  It might be worth looking there!

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I discovered this lovely fact this morning as I was getting dressed for work: lower belly revelation from a shirt that had become too short, not a sight to which I wanted to subject my patients! I solved the problem with a long black stretch camisole beneath, as it covers me to below the hips, but I also have sensitive, reactive skin and I don't know how long it'll tolerate lycra resting upon it. I also have a perpetual struggle with imminent trouser collapse, at least with those pairs that fasten below the belly. The ones with the huge stretch panel stay on, but that panel...ugh, more lycra. 

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All I can say is that with 3 days left of dressing for work, I look forward to wearing nothing but yoga pants and tank tops with a sweatshirt for the remainder of this pregnancy.  :)  I have two pairs of pants that fit OK but I literally feel like I have a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday Thursday outfit that I wear on those days.  Four shirts that I rotate through.  


My PJs are all too short but they weren't maternity to begin with so whatever.  If I show at home a little, I"m OK.  :)  

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I love this thread! I'm so over clothes!! I bought clothes in 2 different sizes since I balloon up near the end. All my small shirts are too short now, but most of the medium size ones are long sleeves and it's just been too hot (ok, I think it's just me, but it really feels warm out) to wear the long sleeve medium shirts I got. I've been living in the 1 medium tank top I got for "layering"...hahaha!! My jammies are now XL giveaway shirts we've collected from hockey games and a pair of lounge shorts with the drawstring untied. Oh and underwear are definitely a no go when I go to sleep. :P


The jeans I have fit ok as long as I don't have to sit down ;) The panel on those usually get folded down under my belly since it feels like it's pulling on my skin when it's up. 


Oh and speaking of clothes... I went to Victoria's Secret because I saw that they had the kind of lacy bralette I've been wanting to get for my birthing time. I grabbed a L and decided to try it on. Ick... it was way to small! I had to shamefully ask for an XL, but they don't make them that big. UGH!!!

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I am wearing the world's ugliest maternity top (I got as a hand me down) and it's the only thing that fits me.

I've poured myself into a pair of non maternity black stretchy (dressier than yoga but very similar) pants.

And my feet are SO SWOLLEN all I can wear is flip flops.  I gained the sympathy of my midwife today, as I showed her my ankles, at 10am, and said "this is the best they will look all day".



I hate to complain but I always feel so puffy and ugly near the end of pregnancy, and it doesn't help when your clothes can't even fit on you.

I actually need to get a tote out and pack away the clothes that don't fit.  Really, because putting on tops that clearly are way too small annoys me at 8am when I'm trying to hurry to get out the door...

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I finally sorted out all the clothes that flat out don't fit!  They are upstairs in boxes, finally, and I even labelled them.  But I still have a couple too short tops in there, just because I kinda forgot them in the hustle :).  It seems like every day something ELSE decides not to fit. What does fit is a severely limited selection of XL long sleeve shirts and summer maternity tops, which need to be worn together most of the time because its COLD out there.  However, I'm so blessed at least I still have some choices and a pretty respectable looking couple outfits that can be made out of that.  I say this in my painted maternity jeans with teh ragged edges and my XL T-shirt, but I feel respectable anyway :)

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Finally got all the clean clothes sorted and hung (I've had a constant pile in the crib, better break that habit here shortly orngtongue.gif) Realized that sometime over the last month I ended up buying the same shirt from target twice :p Oops.... oh well. I rarely buy anything that's not clearence so I probably still didn't pay full price and I got two instead of one. haha. Problem is I still have to tug on them to keep them down... d'oh....

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$5 maternity spandexy spaghetti strap tank from Ross and the thing fits very comfortably, in addition to stretching easily all the way down to my crotch or lower. I pull it to where I want it over my pants, and then any shirt, short or not, goes over it. It's a bit on the warm side for south TX but since my favourite maternity shirts have mega cleavage showing powers, it helps to be a boob apron to keep me from falling out everywhere anyway.  I'd die without my stretchy tanks.

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Makes me glad (not really bc it's really cramped in there) I have a short torso. : ) I can still wear some of my longer not maternity shirts. : 0

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Okay, that's it.  Officially, NONE of my pants will stay up.  I'm going to the farm store tomorrow to buy a pair of suspenders!!!  

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So glad to read this...I'm sure I was not the only one...but what a hassle.  Even my husbands L/XL T-shirts don't cover my belly anymore.  I just don't remember this last time...delivered earlier and had smaller babies than we are estimating right now, but still.  And, my husband, when pressed, does politely say I'm bigger.  I certainly am not buying clothes for the next week or two! 

Yes, those belly bands are itchy and irritative...can't really stand anything tight on my belly right now. 

Good luck to you all!  Seems like we need it!  :)

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For me, it appears that my trousers are all getting too small.  I have no butt or hips, but they are all cutting into me under my tummy so that I can't sit down in them and I can't breathe at all.  I think my tummy is bigger this time and the baby is going to be one of my bigger ones-- maybe as much as 7 lbs.  So, I can now only bear to wear my soft house pants (not something warm or sturdy enough for going out in, though) or my overalls (I HATE wearing maternity overalls!).  I'm so bummed too, because I have some lovely trousers that I was looking forward to wearing once summer passed and the temps dropped. Now I can't stand to put them on because I'm so uncomfortable.  And I will NOT buy any more maternity clothes.  I have days or weeks left in this pregnancy and this is my last.  I won't buy anything else!  Stupidly, I sifted aimlessly through a pile of maternity jeans on Saturday at the kindergarten flea market, mostly marked for about 5 Euro, all of them a size or two larger than what I normally wear.  It never occurred to me to grab one or two pair.  Ugh. I could just kick myself now.  

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