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AF returning?

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Hey everyone! It's been awhile since I posted but I had a question. Has anyone had AF return yet? If so, was it a normal start or was it a gradual thing? I think AF is here for me irked.gif but I've had 3 days of spotting and no real flow yet. Cramps have started though. Also, does anyone know if milk supply changes at all with AF? Cayleigh has been eating more often the past 2 days too. Thanks!

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Mine came back at almost 5 months pp on the dot. About a week of crankiness...then after 2 days of raging bitchiness I said to my DH "hey maybe I'm pms'ing?!" Then I got it. Pleasantly surprised how mild and short it was! I used to have a 7 day period, this one lasted 3. Hope that trend continues.
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I always have a dip in my milk supply when I am starting my period. It is usually leading right up to it that I notice it bc baby wants to nurse more frequently and I am more irritable. lol not a great combination but seems to level out a couple of days into it and it isn't enough for baby to go hungry, just notice a lot more nursing.

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I got mine back on her three-month birthday! Not fair! And it was WAY more sudden and, um, intense than it used to be. We also get the drop in supply and extra, angry nursing, but that goes away pretty soon after. I'm waiting for it again now. greensad.gif
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i still haven't gotten mine back even though rosie was sleeping through the night like a champ from about 8 weeks until 5 months! sometimes it makes me paranoied that i'm pregnant again but i'm also on birth control so maybe that effects it?

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Had mine back since about month two. Has ranged from barely there to super heavy. I'm noticing major pelvic floor pain too instead of cramps. Not sure what to make of that.

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