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Born in the kitchen - My HBAC story

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Here is a link to my blog with the stories of my c-section in November of 2009 and my home VBAC in July of 2012.  




Blessings to all of you mamas who are on the road to VBAC!



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What a beautiful, healing story.  Thank you for sharing.

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Beautiful! Great story. And so well timed with the toddler down and the grandparents there! Congrats on your healthy boy, mama.
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Lovely birth! Thanks for posting!

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I have tears in my eyes happytears.gif  Your story is so beautiful, I love how peaceful the photos are, the one where daddy is gazing at his son is beyond words.  When he's first born and the last one where you're cuddling with him in bed melted my heart love.gif  So incredible, thank you for sharing your beautiful story.  I also enjoyed seeing the contrast between your first birth and this one--it definitely adds to the emotions and depth of your story and leaves one with the impression of having witnessed an amazing victory.

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I teared up too. Very nice birth story. Thanks so much for sharing! Congrats on the cute little bundle.

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Thank you for sharing! Your son is so beautiful. Usually I don't think babies in photos are beautiful except in that they are babies, but he really is. I'm so happy that you had a healing birth!

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What a great VBAC! So straightforward and so healing. I'm thrilled for you. I'm so glad you were able to move past the first birth. I can absolutely see why you had a c/s, and you are one heck of a woman for enduring so long. I never would have been able to labor as long as you did.


That's great your DH got to catch the baby too...things were a little wild at mine and DH didn't to. Hopefully next time.  I'm in Seattle too and also had a HBAC, a couple years ago. Going for my second HBAC this fall.


I love that little froggy butt photo!! Too cute.


Did you tear at all?

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So happy his birth healed the trauma from your daughter's birth. Love the picture with his tush sticking up in the air! And you looked AWESOME throughout the whole thing.

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Love your birth story!!!!!!!

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Awww, I love it! love.gif

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Beautiful story thank you for giving me hope!!! :)

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