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I had my prenatal today (they have me at 39 weeks on sunday... but i'm 99% sure i'm 38 weeks tomorrow) my blood pressure has been elevated the last two weeks in a row and (the bottom number was 15-20 higher than my starting bp) and they are getting really uncomfortable with it. they asked me to take my blood pressure throughout the week and if it doesn't go down they want to talk about ways to start my labor..  i asked what their typical protocol would be for that and they said a membrane sweep followed by walking and then eat a pasta dinner and they had a "recipe" for me to make that would include castor oil.  I don't really have a problem with the membrane sweep becuase I really don't think it would put me in to labor unless i was going to go in to labor any way.. but i've heard some really negative things about castor oil.. I'm not really sure if i should decline it though because if my bp gets higher and they send me to an OB i will likely end up with a hospital induction and I REALLY don't want that. 


what do you ladies think?


also i have no other preeclampsia symptoms at all if that makes a difference

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Almonds! Eat a handful of almonds on like an hourly basis for the next few days and see if that helps your BP. And, sea salt...like the grey...alive sort of sea salt that you get at the health food store...and then salt EVERYTHING liberally...not just to taste. 


That said, pretty much the only time I'd be ok with a 'natural' induction method...like castor oil or a sweep is if there was very real fear of a medical induction looming. I think if you can get one of those natural methods to take...then it's loads preferable for you and the baby to a medical induction. 


I hope you find it's lower just by taking it yourself!!!

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Thank you pregnova!! I well look I'm to getting the sea salt, and the.almonds are a good .. I know protein is supposed to help (I'm familiar with the brewers diet) I am planning on eating a high proportion diet this weekend and seeing if that affects my blood pressure at all. They had me lady down for a while during my appointment today for about ten minutes before getting an acceptable blood pressure.. And that number was still high for me.. But at least in a normal range. I'm hoping it was just high because of the appointment and that it will be better tomorrow, but I guess we'll see at that point.
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High protein, high raw garlic...and also, I agree that try that for a couple of days and if I were threatened with hospy induction, I would try a few other things first...like the sweep, ect.

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I've never heard the garlic, but I'll add that too! I had my hubby do a stretch and sweep this morning because I'm more comfortable with him doing it than the midwives.. But nothings happening.. So I'm guessing it didn't much for me. I'm not really sure what else to do.. :/
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