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What are your plans for you little ones cord?

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Hi mummas!

Title says it all.
What are you planning to do with bubs cord? When? Who? Why? How? And why again lol.
I'm becoming more and more undecided about any cutting plans and wanted to see what you lot are doing, when and why.
And what you may have done with previous bubs cord? Did it work for them and you?
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We didn't get to do this with DD since I ended up birthing in hospital, but we had planned to and are planning to this time, too.


 haven't really looked that site over, but it tells about cord burning. This is a mama in my community who just did this a week ago with her freshest baby and eldest child. We do plan on asking DD if she wants to participate or do this herself {with our help}.

There are some considerations, of course, and I know that within my native american family sage was always burnt along side this ritual to help the smell be less offensive--it is burning tissue and smells as such :(


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We plan to cut it . . . after a while.  We cut after about 10 - 30 minutes with both DS's cords, waited more like 2 hours after DD's birth because her big brother wanted to do it and due to logistics he didn't get back to the house until then.  I think I'd wait about an hour this time, all other things being equal.  The other big brother wants a turn this time, so that is the plan.  No special ritual otherwise, although I will say that I like having a soft, flexible tie on the cord stump rather than a plastic or metal clamp (have to check with my MW about what she typically uses.)

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When DS was born, my MW cut his cord quickly as there was some concern about meconium aspiration that required us to be separated in a hurry. He was fine. When the stump fell off...this is kinda gross...we kept it. My MIL kept DH's so he wanted to keep DS's. I'm sure we'll stash this LO's away too. That was kind of a new approach for me, but I guess it's not that different from keeping a lock of hair form a first haircut. At this birth, I envision holding DD right away and waiting until the cord has stopped pulsing before it's cut. I haven't given much thought as to who would cut it. I don't think I care really, and DH hasn't expressed an opinion one way or the other. We'll see.

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Ds's was clamped and cut before his shoulders were born! (around neck several times, knotted, and short = couldn't go any farther!) I did keep his eensy weensy little stump though. I think if all is normal where I'm delivering this time they will be in no rush to cut it or take baby, so we'll just play it by ear.
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We will probably do much as we did with DS2--wait for pulsing, possibly for placenta (but  mine take a really long time, and I have bled more than usual with both boys while waiting to birth the placenta). It was probably half an hour after DS2 was born that the mw decided she wanted to cut it and get me out of the water so she could better monitor my bleeding. So DS1 cut his cord, then he and Daddy held baby and cooed over him while I got out of tub/dried/situation on bed/abdominal massage... With DS1's birth, it was only about 5-10 minutes, but after all pulsing, because his cord was too short to let him come to the breast--he was kind of stuck at my then-flaccid belly, lol. (DH cut his cord.) 


The plan is to at least wait for pulsing to stop, and have DS2 cut this baby's cord. 


mamabeakley, the birth center where DS1 was born used a kind of rubber band, IIRC, and my mw for DS2 just used cotton string. If you want to select your own string, perhaps your mw would be open to that? I'm thinking if it were something like the same string used for bracelets for a blessingway or something, that it might be particularly special?

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probably burn it. I made a cord burning box, if all goes well thats what we plan on doing. Otherwise with DD3 we cut it , DD2  cut it and DD1 he hossy cut it..... we will see.

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