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Difficult Times

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Okay...I'm in bit of a dilemma. My boyfriend is Trinidad and Tobago and Jamaican. I am Nigerian Indian Caucasian, African American and Native American. I had my son four months ago. My boyfriend is dark skinned, very dark bit not too dark and I am medium dark with a light under tone, he also has a light under tone. My son came out white, but with dark nipples and nail beds. My boyfriend did a home DNA test that came back negative. I know heisthefather my son has so many similar traits of him. My questions are One is it possible for us to have had a light skinned baby being that his race is mixed with black white Hispanic and Chinese, and should I trust the result of a home paternity test that was bought at a local drug store. I need answers, my son needs his father. We also took a home DNA test that I really didn't trust and it came back negative...I know my boyfriend is the only one I slept with. I was reading about DNA mutation is there anyone that can advice me on what to do.
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its possible for black children to be born light--most are, since the sun is needed to activate melanin. Not sure what to tell you about two failed home paternity tests, however. perhaps try to get a test a local clinic or lab/

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That's pretty lame of your boyfriend to not believe you when you say he is the father.  Hugs to you.


It is definitely possible for two people of mixed race to have a child who is lighter than either of them.  Common even.  Happens all the time.  No DNA mutation needed. 


Also skin tone can change pretty significantly over the first year of life - many/most newborns are born with skin noticeably lighter than what they will eventually end up with.


If you know for sure your bf is the only one you had sexual contact with in that time period then you know what you know and forget the drugstore tests.  As I said I think your boyfriend is being pretty lame but if he needs to hear it from a test I'd ask your doctor about a referral for a more reliable paternity test.

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Thank you so much...this is really helping
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With the variety in both of your backgrounds- you have multiple possibilities for the appearance of your baby.  :) 

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This should be a fun time. Wait and see what you lo will look like!

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