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Breastfeeding- Insufficient Glandular Tissue (IGT)

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So . . . breastfeeding issues. I am at the point where we will soon have to decide what is worth continuing and what is worth stopping. My midwife and her assistant (a student midwife who is also a LC) have been hugely encouraging and endlessly helpful. They agree that my supply issues are glandular rather than hormonal. I'm on domperidone, more milk special blend, placenta pills, and lecithin. I *should* be pumping every 2 hours during the daytime, but that just doesn't happen. I am using a supplemental nursing system, but DD is taking as much formula from the SNS as if there were zero breastmilk getting into her system. She was over 10% below birthweight by day 3, which is incredibly early (DS1 and DS2 made it to 5 and 7 days before needing formula based on excessive weight loss). She is doing great, now- reached birth weight right around 2 weeks, has already had two growth spurts- she is clearly a strong girl!

I just don't understand. I have incredibly healthy pregnancies, a scary level of fertility- we make the most beautiful babies after only 10 minutes of thinking 'now's an okay time to try'. However, it it were totally left to my body, we would have to watch them all starve to death. I thought I was 'over it' after the last disappointing experience- that I had at least come to terms with the limits of my body. However, once again, I am to the point of tears any time I think about it. How do I make peace with myself and my body?

So, when do I give up pumping? When do we move from the SNS to bottles? How long do I keep pumping myself full of pills? I've done the bottle + formula thing for 2 full years. It was always such a joy to pack it all away the week of their first birthdays. I have prided myself on the fact that my boys never learned to hold the bottle for themselves because there was always someone who loved them to cuddle and feed them. There are so, so many things I am able to give to and do for my kids, yet I feel broken and incompetent.

It doesn't help that every formula on the US market has some glaring deficiency, but I don't yet have it in me to go the homemade route (yet). My midwife had hoped to get some breastmilk donated from the home birth community, but the timing didn't work out and none has been available.
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Oh Mama, that's rough. I don't have any advice on when to stop pumping but couldn't read and not write to tell you how great / sweet / funny / awesome and impressive it is that your kiddos always had a cuddle with a meal and the bottles held for them. How you're feeling is perfectly valid of course, but I hope you can look at your situation from an outsider's point of view . . . If you had a friend who was in your shoes I'm pretty sure you would feel such compassion for her and all the work she's doing and it wouldn't even cross your mind to think anything but positive thoughts about her and her body and her ability to provide for her kids. Hugs!
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Oh help. I am so sorry. My heart always aches for women who want so badly to nurse their babies but cant. I have no advice on what you should do but did want to ask if you had investigated Eats on Feet's or Human Milk for Human Babies or Milkshare. A friend sigh medical issues had a great response there.
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Could you ship breastmilk? I would totally donate! 

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I could donate as well! Please let me know. (:
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You can ship. Not sure of logistics but it is done frequently.

I am 100% feeding a 3 month old along with H. And there is another local mom I wish I could help! It is rewarding to be a donor smile.gif
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Oh, wow- I hadn't thought of that! Frozen stuff can be shipped in coolers with dry ice (that's how we get our meat), but I hadn't thought of it for milk. Let me see if my midwives know anything about where to get the supplies for this sort of thing. Y'all are amazing for even offering! If the cost isn't prohibitive, I'll pm you.
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Oh, and thank you, Miranda, for the encouragement- I've said very similar things to friends, but being on this side sure changes everything! I'm ready to just drop the prescription pills and pump, and switch to bottles most of the time =P I think in one more week, that'll all make more sense, though.
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This might be late.

But, there is a FB IGT support group that has been awesome.


Basically, you need to pump every 2 to 3 hours even through the middle of the night. You give up pumping when you need to... but don't decide that on your toughest pumping day.


I am pregnant w/ DC#2 (EDD Dec 6) and I am so not looking forward to all the pumping, but so looking forward to providing milk for my child. DC#1 was on donor milk for about a whole year. What a blessing! I don't know if I will get that with DC#2, but I hope. My colostrum donor fell through, so I am in search again...


Anyway, I am the same way... healthy pregnancies... not thyroid or PCOS issues... just hormonal, I guess.


If DD is not taking any from the breast, was she evaluated for lip tie or tongue tie?


There are other herbs to try for milk supply: Shatavari, Leptaden, Moringa, Goats Rue, More Milk Plus, Alfalfa, Dairy Queen... And, there are things to take during pregnancy. NATURAL progesterone cream (critical for 1st trimester). In third trimester, some 30-some weeks there's Goats Rue and also pumping colostrum.  Check w/ the FB closed group.

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