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Heart palpitations in pregnancy.

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I had forgotten about these until they started again with this pregnancy. I think with my last pregnancy I googled it and it was sort of common and probably not a big deal. I only get them sometimes. Probably once a day though. Does anybody have any more info on them, or experience?

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I had tons of them during the first trimester with my fourth baby. They were on and off all day. I upped my cal/mag and potassium and they eventually went away. I am 22 weeks with my fifth now and I'm starting to get them here and there. I think they're totally normal, so I'm not worrying, but they are just a bit uncomfortable.

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I have had them since I was 20. With my first pregnancy, they got really bad at the end of my second trimester. Had a cardio consult, had tests run, and everything looked fine. Then, once the third trimester came, they pretty much went away. Didn't have much of a problem with them during my second pregnancy. However, I had a few extra tests run just to make sure all was good.


Definitely eat a lot of potassium and magnesium-rich foods. Maybe add a mag supplement as long as your doctor says its ok. I find that mine get worse during that time of the month... because of the hormones, and you have a lot going on hormonally during pregnancy. I also tend to be hypokalemic so when mine get bad, I try to eat more potassium and magnesium foods. They go together. If your magnesium is low, chances are, your potassium is low too. Get as much rest as you can too.


Sorry to hijack your thread. I'm not pregnant, but saw this thread and had to reply. I have been dealing with heart palps for a long time and don't really care much about them anymore. The more I worry about them, the worse they get. So, I laugh them off now. But, they can be scary, I know that all too well. Good luck!

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Thanks for the responses. They caught me off guard but then I remembered I had had them before and everything was fine.

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I get them often when pregnant, and occasionally when not. I hadn't heard about supplements helping, I'll have to try that!

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I got them everyday for a week or so around week 9.  I had never gotten them during my other pgs. They were really annoying and I got worried, but my Dr. totally put my mind to ease that they were pretty common, usually nothing to worry about, and hormone-related.  She did run some thyroid tests, but everything was fine.  Interestingly enough, they stopped the day I saw the Dr. 


I sometimes get them when not pg, and I'm pretty sure it's when I drink to much coffee.  But I can't stomach coffee during pregnancy, so I know it's not that!  Now that I know that they can be hormone related, I will pay more attention during my menstrual cycle to see if I tend to get them at the same time of the cycle.


I know they suck, and I'm sorry you get them, but I am glad to talk with others who have gotten them during pregnancy also!

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