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We had a baby GIRL!

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I had premenstrual type crampy sensations all day on the 12th...by evening, there were also contractions...lost some mucus plug, all the signs that labor might happen. Around 3am, woke to three crazy contractions and then my water breaking. Active labor started immediately, and we had our doula over by 6am. A bit after 7am, ds woke to all the noise, and we had a friend come take him for the day. Labor continued to progress...complete back labor I must admit and I hit transition....where I got stuck for about 1.5 hours. Torture!


After a lot of different positioning, we ended up in the bathtub...where the hot water promptly ran out, and just a half hour later, baby girl was born in a dry tub! I pushed in an upright squatting-type position...and she came very fast once I started giving in to the pushing urge...which oddly hurt this time around. 


She was born around 10:40am with just the assistance of my husband and doula. A perfect UC! Bleeding is barely there...placenta came out perfectly...baby is beautiful and SO calm and awake. I feel AMAZING, and we're all absolutely in love. 


She was 8lb even...19 "long...no name yet :-)

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Congratulations on your sweet baby girl and successful UC!!! so excited for you! sorry about the back labor and brutal transition! transition is rough! my ds3 had his hands on his head and i thought i was going to die during transition..BUT so worth it in the end! glad you're feeling well!!!!!! <3

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Awwww, congratulations!!!!!! So happy for you!!! joy.gif

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Yahoo!  I hope you are all snuggled up and off to a wonderful start with breastfeeding!

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Congratulations!  and Welcome to your little one!!!!

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Yay, pregnova!  Welcome little girl!

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Fantastic!! How is DS doing with his new sister? He wanted a baby girl, right?



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He's in LOVE! lol...wants to hold her all the time and says we should have ten more baby girls! lol I couldn't ask for a better transition to having a sibling!

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