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Undoing what was done

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I have always loved science. I was shocked when I realized that I had been circumcised. I immediately began contemplating ways on how this could potentially be undone. This led me to discover rthe organization known as Foregen.

Today the capabilities of regenerative medicine are expanding into realms which would have been considered impossible only two decades ago. Currently there is active research being done to apply these capabilities to victims of genital mutilation. The organization funding these efforts today is called Foregen.

Foregen is a non profit organization dedicated to using regenerative medicine techniques to cause the body to regrow the foreskin in circumcised males. Foregen is a 100% genuine, reliable and credible organization based in Italy. The effects of regeneration are very different than of restoration in that unlike restoration, which only stretches enough skin to cover the glans over a period of time, regeneration causes the body to regrow parts of itself that have been amputated, with their full function and sensitivity included. This has already been proven succesful in causing the body to regrow fingertips, part of the quadricep in an injured soldier and skin regeneration in severe burn victims. As a fetus, everyone has the capability to regrow any part of their body that has been damaged or amputated and occassionally this capability is retained for a short period after birth, which is why in very rare cases an infants foreskin will grow back following a circumcision. The first application of this technology to circumcised males is planned for 2013. If the trial is succesful than you would likely see this treatment being offered in the United States within three to five years. For anyone that has been circumcised, that has a lover that is circumcised or has circumcised their children and now regrets it, the capabilities of science are now such that this can be undone. Please visit Foregens website: http://www.foregen.org/ and consider supporting this revolutionary organization.

There are many myths out there about circumcision, the biggest one of them all is that its permanent.
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Here is some more information on this subject.


You can read through an interview with Foregens founder, Vincenzo Aiello here: http://intactnews.org/node/115/1314118161/pioneering-foreskin-regeneration-reverse-circumcision-interview-founder-foregen


Here is a news story on the potential and future of regenerative medicine: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GwcT1ViM-hw&list=FLjcN8IOZ0nd2T_fFeZkUB0Q


This is a video that details another development of regenerative medicine and skin regrowth/healing: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Y5H9Sasq5U&list=FLjcN8IOZ0nd2T_fFeZkUB0Q

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