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What's your preferred kind of pad?

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Quick question: I can't remember which brand of pad I used last time around for post partum bleeding. Which one's are good and hold up to the job? Sending DH around to stores to figure that out after the baby comes sound like nightmare.... :). So I'd like to be prepared but can't decide which kind/brand to get? Any recommendations?

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i like Kotex overnights. The new always with the super dri stuff made my bits feel funny. i tried them before i got pregnant and wasn't impressed.

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I use NaturaCare or Seventh Gen pads usually, but I go through so many postpartum that I felt the money was better spent on new mama cloth. I bought 24 Fuzzi Bunz cloth pads. I still have a few boxes of the disposable pads though.


There are so many awful chemicals that mimic hormones in non-natural pads. greensad.gif  Plus, some of them even have the same acrylates that disposable diapers do, that they seem a wee bit too close to diaper status for comfort! lol.gif


Anyways, I recommend any brand of natural pad, as giving birth essentially leaves us with a huge open wound, and our skin absorbs all the chemicals we touch, with our delicate female organs, it seems best to protect them by using as few chemicals that mimic hormones as possible. thumb.gif

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Thanks...I usually use the natural brands ..have to say they failed me with the crazy fibroid bleeding I used to have. I can't remember if post partum bleeding is actually that bad, but yes, I guess I would much rather use them if they do the job. It is a cost factor though with the amount we will need...
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I don't know about post-partum as this will be my first time giving birth, but I've been using my own self-made cloth pads for a long time. Now I am attempting to make some of my own post-partum ones and I think I will also buy some off of etsy or from my local cloth diaper shop. I have to say that I vastly prefer cloth to disposable if that is an option for you.

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Whatever is on sale.  I have some cloth pads too but honestly I can't deal with the clotty first week in cloth again and adding more wash to my already 2 loads a day including soon to be 2 in cloth diapers, I just can't deal.  When I'm down to just spotting, I'll use cloth liners which are nice.

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I prefer cloth.  I made the switch about 15 years ago and can't stand the store-bought paper and plastic anymore.  Post-partum, at least during the heaviest bleeding, I just use a prefold diaper.  I've also used a paper diaper that I've found over here in Germany.  But it makes a great pp pad. Not sure if you can find them in the US or not.  It is basically one long "diaper" that is about 4 or 5 inches wide and you cut it to the length you need.  It's nothing more than many layers of soft, organic paper-like material.  All natural, no plastic but you can throw it away.  These were easier to deal with when I ended up staying in hospital for nearly 2 weeks after my last baby was born. 

I'm having trouble finding some good pp panties.  For one of my births, I came across some great paper-like disposable panties that were nice and stretchy with a high waist and low cut legs.  Held everything in place fantastically. I can't find them now, have no idea where they came from or where to find something like this.  They were soooo much better than those "net" pants they give you in hospital which don't really hold things firmly in place.  All I've been able to find are "period panties" which are cut like bikini panties.  Not very helpful...

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I liked the always overnight, but you have to be bleeding enough or it definately feels odd.  Kotex overnight was good too, but both now have this funy, HUGE butterfly shape in the back that's not my thing.  I just stocked up on the longer heavy ones from both brands, I figure I'll probably find both useful at some point.  I also got plenty of the thin ultra long wings Stayfree, my favorite for medium to light flow (which is like what, a month or more?).  Yes tehy aren't organic, but they work heaps better for extra liquid down there, and with coupons, a whole shelf of those is less than two packages of an organic brands they sell around me.  

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taking notes...thanks!!

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I just get the store brands! They are the only ones I can find that are affordable and generally made with mostly cotton. I can't remember if it is the WalMart or Target brand that I thought was best.... 


Then when my flow slows down I'll switch to my cloth pads. MUCH more comfortable!

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