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I think I may be pregnant!!! (:

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My fiancee and I have been actively trying to conceive for the past week now. My last AF was Sept 19th 2012. This is my first pregnancy (assuming I am) so I really don't know all about ovulation and stuff. All I know is I really have the hunch that I am pregnant. I was outside and randomly got really nauseous, got a headache and just all around felt really funny. I went to eat and that only seemed to intensify the nausea. I was nauseated with a headache and dizzy until about 1 in the morning. Then it all just went away and did not come back until right now at 2 am I am not dizzy this time just headache and nausea and I am really tired even though I slept all day. (I work night shifts so my schedule is put that way) The first day I started feeling all of these symptoms I took an early HPT of course it was negative. The anticipation if killing me. My fiancee thinks I am also, but everyone else and Google seem to believe it's WAY too soon to be feeling these symptoms. I feel crazy, but hell maybe I am. Has anyone else felt all the symptoms right away and just knew they were pregnant? I am so excited to find out, but I guess we will know for sure in about a week or 2.

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Hi!! This is the creepiest thing...I too had my period on 9-19-12, ever since then I've had numerous pregnancy signs. Was starting to think...maybe this is all in my head! I've had headaches, hotflashes, dull ache in back and abdomen, bloating, tingling breasts,ugh! Two hpts negative so far and AF ids coming(hope not)Yesterday felt like I was coming doen with flu and had 99 temp for a few day, cervis high and soft and slightly firm, also been told enlarged uterus but didn't see anything.Am i going crazy?I hope to test if late...baby dust to all!!
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You can get symptoms pretty early..I knew I was pregnant both times around 3 or 4 weeks (just before or at the time of missed period) because I was completely exhausted and weepy, plus with my first I broke out terribly (unfortunately lasted through the whole pregnancy, lol) Plus, just a feeling, KWIM?!


I think  you can definitely tell that something is different with your body, even if it is very early.  I hope things turn out the way you want, good luck!

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Yes something is going I just am so confused, I also work nights but temp has been up, we've been trying for years...Af is due in few days, have cold symptons now as well...high hopes but trying not to think too hard, thx for input!!
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