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First counseling. Start there before making any decisions. Also, its okay to be sad or feel however you're feeling. The affair was not your fault. Hugs!
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I totally agree!



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Everyone needs to go back and read op's update in her original post.

Op, I read your update and I am so sorry. You deserve so much more than he can offer you. It seems to me that you both need space to make some decisions. Your H needs to move out, get his act together, figure out what he wants and become a better man. Only then can you decided if you want a relasionship with him.
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Oh Mama, I am so sorry to hear what happened in your recent update!  How awful.   Be kind to yourself.  Look out for your kids and yourself right now and give yourself a space to mentally process this.  It is going to take a lot of time.  You are in a survival mode right now. 

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oh hugs, this must be so much to deal with.


when you can, look into if your town has a "crisis counseling center", my hometown had one that took walk ins off the street for free, my mother trained and was a amazing counselor there for many years. anything from succeed prevention to domestic violence  or someone like yourself that may benefit from having someone to use as a sounding board. Places like this know what resources are in your community to help you and can connect you to free or nearly free safe place to talk and figure out what you yourself need.

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I'm very sorry for everything you are going through.




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My H has revealed to me that the affair he had two years ago produced a baby that is now over a year old!!!



How long has he known this?


Most cities have places where counseling is available on a sliding scale, and the phone book lists numbers you can call and talk to someone for free.

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Sometimes there are free counselling services.  Even toll free crisis help lines can help. If its toll free it doesn't matter that its in your city/town. You can ask a crisis line worker if they know of any free counselling services.  Also transition houses for women leaving abusive relationships sometimes know about free resources that might help.

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