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i'm vegan and have excellent nutritional intake, never any issues with protein, b12, and all the other things that people like to bash on when they're uninformed.

i've been participating in veganmofo (vegan month of food) on my blog this month, and it's so inspiring to see all the other creative vegan dishes that people are creating. and everyone posts recipes too, which is awesome.

i personally LOVE coconut milk, which has more calcium and iron than cow's milk anyway. it just tastes so nice.


houseofpeace- i love butternut squash and maple syrup. so tasty! i'm not an exact recipe follower either, i just use them as inspirational guides.


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Thanks for the recipes HouseofPeace! I've now had two "successful" vegetarian (and almost vegan) pregnancies so I'm sure it's fine this time around, too.


I agree that stretch marks are mostly a genetic thing. My mom didn't get them, but some other women in my family did. If I didn't get stretch marks with my 12 lb baby I'm pretty sure it was my genes, not cocoa butter! But I found that after my 2nd pregnancy my stomach didn't fare as well. It went back to normal skin-wise a few months postpartum, but the skin seemed more stretched out. So I guess since this is my 3rd I'm doing whatever I can to help the skin be elastic down there!

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My issue is that I'm a dairy-free vegetarian (1st challenge) and my usual protein sources just don't appeal to me right now (2nd challenge). Beans? Yuck! Get them away lol.gif. Tofu makes me feel bloated. I recently switched to soy milk over almond milk for the protein factor, even though I don't want to overdo soy during pregnancy. I'm forcing myself to eat eggs a couple of times a week. Last night before bed I snacked on pita chips and hummus (and an insane number of olives) so I'm trying to be good! I usually love almonds as a quick snack but they just seem gross right now, too! I need to make quinoa a bigger part of my diet again. It was one of my only "safe" foods during MS so I'm still a little sick of it. Might just have to try out new recipes or bake with it.

i was wondering- the low dairy (i can't do cheese consistently) makes me feel like i can't get enough.  and i had the same problem.  i bought some hemp protein (thought i'd mix it up as i like raw hemp seeds sometimes) for smoothies.  and beans and tofu kill me too!  baking w/ quinoa is the bomb- i'm using 8 eggs and 4 cups of quinoa to make cakes today for a tea party tomorrow.  one will have almond and quinoa flours in it, so i figure even my baking will help out.  w/ my first pregnancy i couldn't stomach meat or dairy.  i made date/almond/coconut balls and ate those throughout.  my husband freaked out b/c i wasn't eating meat (and he swore his mom's high protein diet in pregnancy was why he was so smart, then he found out they couldn't afford/didn't buy meat and ate a bunch of soy flour in their breads and that was the high protein, he's never brought it up again).  i got tired of quinoa (except in curries, stir-fries, and baked goods)- but loving these recipes-


http://thebendytreerecipes.blogspot.com/2011/04/chocolate-chip-scones-made-with-almond.html  (just ground the whole almonds in the blender and used the coarser flour- awesome)


http://blogs.babble.com/family-kitchen/2010/11/09/gluten-free-chocolate-quinoa-cake/  -for a grown-up treat, replace the milk w/ coffee.  i use water, no flavor difference.  and i vary the fats to what i have on hand....




the 2nd to last recipe is AWESOME.  i've been doing butternut squash and a little lighter on the maple syrup (i never follow recipes) w/ homeground almonds, and the fiber helped so much lately and i've felt better w/ some baked goods.... though i think they may have contributed to a growth spurt if not for the baby, for the rest of me....


so i've got a few treats that have protein.... but since i don't do a GD test, i try to avoid most sweetened things on a daily basis..... 

Thanks for the recipes!! I am also planning on some things to prepare & freeze in December, when I'm off work, for when the babies come; mmm banana bread & chocolate chip scones!

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