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Free breast pump (US) - check with your insurance company!

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I just got a breast pump, fully covered by my insurance, and a really nice one!

In my state, and with my insurance, I asked at the pharmacy and she told me to go take one off the shelf of the store (target) and bring it back to the pharmacy. She didn't show me the list of allowed brands and types but it could be manual or electric, don't have to be a working mom, there was no co-pay, and she didn't mention a price limit. If there are none on the shelf you just have to come back when they are in stock.
I provided my ID and insurance card, the name of my midwife and my contact info.
She told me to come back in 15 minutes (just like filling a prescription) and it was all done. Walked out with a free pump and I'm super stoked!

Find out if your insurance will cover yours and how to go about getting it. smile.gif
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That's awesome! I've heard this was part of the Obamacare changes coming through. Definitely going to call BCBS now that I know it worked for someone!
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Woah, that is awesome!

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I called my insurance company today to check and they cover a breast pump but only a single manual one- lame!!  I still my go to the pharmacy and see what they say since I've known insurance reps to be unreliable with their info.  Thanks for the tip though, glad it worked for you!

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I hadn't thought of this! I am going to check my policy. Thanks for sharing!

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Great idea!

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I'm going to check on this!  I had a $500 one three years ago... but I;d like a new one just in case!

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Odinsmommy- what insurance company do you have?

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HMSA through the state.
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I checked and I can totally get one!!! I made do with a cheap hand pump with my older dudes. But this time I want to be a tad more mobile (like maybe go out once a month haha) so an electric pump, that's FREE, sounds heavenly.

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I know, right?!
I also had a cheapie manual that I never used at all with my second and maybe only a couple times with ds1, but this time around I'll have need for a good one that is easy to use.
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What great information!  I am going to have to check with my insurance.  :)

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Thanks for the tip.  Called my insurance and they cover it, but our target won't do it.  Looks like I need to get a prescription from my MW and find someone to get it filled.  Some hoops to jump through, but better than having to pay for it!  

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