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Prego at 43?

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I am 43  and had a healthy child 24 years ago!

I would like to get preganant again now.

I have never taken brith control and have regular periods, I don't have any health issues at this time.

Does anyone know what are my probalilities?



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Tracking your cycles can help, observing fertility signs like cervical fluid and position leading up to ovulation to make sure everything is normal and timing is good with that. You can even chart your basal body temp to clearly know what's happening (first thing each morning before you get out of bed take your temp with a oral thermometer precise to .1 degree, you'll see it rise right after ovulation). The chances of pregnancy are less than half what they were when you had your other one by age alone (something like 85% a year vs 35% a year), but if your cycles are normal still I see no real reason you can't. My little brother was born when my mom was 44.

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I'm 44 and 12 weeks pregnant. This occurred after an irregular period and I was also using spermicide. Good luck!

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Best of luck to you!!!  My MIL was almost 50 when she was pregnant with my youngest SIL.  She thought she was going through menopause.  Surprise! ;)

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From what I remember reading at age 43 the statistics are not very good, as something like >97% of the eggs are chromosomally abnormal.  If one is able to get pregnant at that age, miscarriage rates are around 65%.  


Obviously there are plenty of anecdotal examples out there of  pregnancies for older moms.  Though, usually at this age it is very difficult to have a successful outcome for most women.


I have a friend who struggled with this situation, she got married for the second time and really wanted another baby (she had three grown children from her first marriage whom she easily conceived).  She did go the infertility route, however it did not work and they told her that at her age she should consider egg donation, however she was not interested in going that route.

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I am highly suspect of those statistics.  If that were true there would be a LOT more kids with Down's at my daughter's school, where there are plenty of older moms. (FTR, there is one Down's child.  Out of 300 children, probably 25% of whom have moms who were at least over 35 when they were born, and a good 10% or more over 40.)  Several of my DD's friends have mothers who became moms at well over 40.  I am 40 and pregnant with my second and everything looks fine.  I got pregnant on my first try.  I have a friend who is the same age who had an "oops" third child last year. ("Precautions were in place!" she said. LOL)  Women over 40 seem to get knocked up without nearly as much difficulty as one would be led to believe.  I think bigger problems are hormonal imbalances and overall poor health - that probably affects older women more than younger - but healthy older women seem to be able to get pregnant just fine.

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Im with Spughy on this one...loooong loong ago women were married at 20 something and having children up until they were in the 40's , my Grandmother had her 4th at 41 (and no, she didnt stop drinking or smoking during her pregnancy)    i just had my last one which was an 'oops' pregnancy at 40.  My best friend had 'non specific fertility issues' and used IUI to conceive her first (now 5)  and then had an ooops baby 1 yr ago - she was 42.

I think there is a LOT of press and media discourse about women who cannot have children - it just makes a better story than the one about the woman who only wanted one child and wound up with 2 or 3.....  - not trying to mitigate what infertile couples through - it must be very difficult and i dont envy them....but they are the 'squeaky wheels'  - they are not the norm.  

Those of us still breastfeeding and buying condoms at 43 - we are the 'norm'! 

good luck!

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