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No appetite.. Normal??

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I have never felt like this in my life. I know my body wants food, I feel my stomach rumbling, but I just don't want to eat.. I didn't feel like this in my first pregnancy, so this is so new to me that in wondering if anyone else is experiencing this. I force food down so that I don't get sick.. But nothing looks good to me.
I just feel exhausted and have no energy, and I'm not sure if it's from being pregnant or from not eating as much as I used to.
It's usually worse in the mornings. Yesterday afternoon I actually felt like eating but it had to be a certain food. So weird. Will this go away? Is it normal? Should I be more worried? My first appt with midwives isn't until Nov 5. Hopefully by then it will go away.
Oh and I'm 7 weeks. Anyone else going through this?
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I haven't had that yet, but a friend of mine who is further along had a loss of appetite at the beginning and didn't feel like eating.  Her babies are doing fine so far.

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This is my third baby and it's happening hardcore...and happened to me each of my other pregnancies as well. It's probably the most difficult part of pregnancy for me! If I don't eat, I'm very sick - but if I do eat, it has a tendency to make me feel sick anyhow. Blech. It sucks.


Just eat whatever you can get down...and I've learned that staying ahead of the game as much as possible (which means eating CONSTANTLY so I'm never, ever possibly hungry) seems to help a bit. Nothing sounds good still, but at least I'm not sick.

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It hasn't happened to me this time (yet) but this happened with both of my boys. Yeah, just eat what won't make you completely icky.
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Oh thanks guys! I'm relieved to hear that there's others who have this as well. It's just so odd for me because I love food! And it just plain sucks to not feel like eating anything.. I'll be happy when I'm hungry again!
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I love food, I love grocery shopping and I love cooking - but any of those things now make me heave. I can't wait to enjoy food again! Why can't I have the major aversions when I'm trying to lose weight vs. when I'm trying to grow a new person? :P

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Yep, same here.  It was actually my first symptom, and it happened nearly immediately upon conception.  It has got to be the hormones! For a while I did have some morning sickness, but that subsided and I am back to not feeling particularly hungry or motivated to eat.  I just have to try to remember to eat even when I am not hungry, because otherwise I start feeling miserable and cranky....but I will absolutely take this over morning sickness!

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I agree that I'd rather have this than morning sickness. But I just want to love food again! Haha!
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I was like this with my first two.  This time around I eat when I don't feel nauseas.  I remember it passing fairly quickly though.  I was overweight with them and ended up loosing weight in the beginning due to it though.

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hi im 8 weeks pregnant no apetite at all no morning sickness only symptoms i got is go alot to loo and very tired but had my first ultrasound at 7 weeks and everthing is perfect

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