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Switching care providers

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I was seeing a great homebirth midwife where I was before, she trained the one who attended DS2's birth. I just moved to a new area and spent a couple months beforehand tracking down the local midwife who does out of hospital births (hard to find! it's a hostile state to midwifery and she's v. traditional, no internet presence). I met with her today. She and her assistant don't attend births at homes, she has you come to her place and has a couple rooms set up for births, and has a big whirlpool tub there for labor and/or birth. It's very home-like and she definitely practices midwifery model of care, and I wouldn't be stuck there too long like at the hospital, so I don't mind terribly. She's set up for emergencies (herbs, oxygen, Pit, IV) and can help transfer, but generally finds hands off attending and some herbs do the trick for most...her transfer rate during labor or after birth is only like 5% and it only really happens with serious emergencies or true failure to progress, not exhaustion or pain meds. She does strongly believe in a 5 week herbal treatment before birth, which I'd only be willing to take if it were gentle, not a lot of oxcytocics like cohoshes. She has a lot of experience, well over a thousand births no doubt. Her cost is half what most charge, she sees lower income farming folks mostly and invites them to decide what to pay her.


How do you like your current care provider? Anybody else had to switch in the middle of pregnancy?

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I love my midwife, I used her last time with my first child and even though I ended up in the hospital she stayed with me the entire time. She only left after she knew I was in recovery and that baby was fine. My mom even screamed at her and made her cry while I was in recovery, telling her that she killed me and the baby and that she should lose her license and never be around another pregnant lady, and she never held it against me (my mom is a serious drama queen, I never even came close to dying, nor did the baby). This time before I even got pregnant as soon as DH and I decided that we would in fact try to have another baby I emailed her and asked if she would even be willing to see my again, if she would have said no we possibly would have stuck with only one child, that's how much I love her. If I has to change care providers in the middle I would be devastated. I would consider doing the childbirth completely unassisted. I would go to the hospital again in an emergency but I would not willingly switch care providers.

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I switched at 22ish weeks. I just wasn't feeling it. Same hospital based midwife and ob practiced that delivered my daughter. Her birth was a fine, intervention free affair but only so because I arrived at the hospital fully dilated and pushing!


After asking around I found a another hospital based midwife practice that fit so much better! They have really taken the time to get to know me. I am truly a part of my own team and haven't been pressured or bullied at/into anything- which is what I was seeing at the other place.


HB was off the table for me, so finding this practice has been a huge relief to me in getting everything from this pregnancy and birth that I was seeking. I am happy to have found them.

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I have a homebirth mw I am happy with... not totally THRILLED but happy.  I'm more concerned about what would happen if I had an issue where I risked out of hb.  I'd have to go back to the only OB's practice in town, which I left on... well, not exactly bad terms, but not the best of them either.  I keep having dreams of having a transverse baby...

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I'm switching from an ob to a mw. Due to location change primarily, but I'm also more comfortable with a mw. At the end my ob gave me some weird vibes. I meet the mw this Thursday for my first apt
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I am switching to a hb mw, because of moving.  I met one I think is really great a couple days ago.  Calm and gentle. I'm excited for the change!

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