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this thread is endlessly fun-

i have 3 kinds of waistbands on the pants in my maternity drawer-


one is low and below the belly button by a bit, but has a thick hard piece of elastic inside the stretchy cotton that bites and rides and hurts.  

second is about 6" of softer elastic that doesn't fit well at the top, but folds down easily, and isn't cutting.  pants sink and droop, but they don't cut except when sitting (Gap maternity corduroys)

third is what i think of the full-panel- it sits where my belly band sits, inches above my belly button and sometimes almost to the top of the curve.  most don't cover the whole curve as well as the belly band and leave an odd line across my middle.


all of the above droop and sag and involve lots of yanking and adjusting and bathroom visits to reorganize after sitting and then standing.  


i had to give up my fat pants and hairband routine a couple weeks ago.  sniff.... i have size 10-12 pants that are kept just for this purpose, but my thighs out grow them about now.  usually 20 weeks for me i have to hand over my fat clothes and really get into maternity.  and this has been true to form this pregnancy.