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What else do I need?

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This is what I have so far for cloth diapering. I do plan to use disposables for the first week or two.


6 econobum covers

1 grovia cover

2 wetbags

24 econobum prefolds

12 newborn prefolds

36 infant prefolds

4 snappis 

2 pairs of those star clip diaper fastners



What else am I going to need?


I do plan on getting a diaper sprayer once baby starts eating solid foods, and will probably order a few gender specific covers once baby gets here and I know if its a boy or a girl. I had been thinking about getting some pocket diapers but I am still on the fence about that, so if I do it wont be until after baby gets here.



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You should probably keep some cloth-safe diaper cream on hand. I like Grandma El's or the GroVia Magic Stick. Have you considered cloth wipes?

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My midwife gives her clients a tub of cloth safe diaper creme so I should have that covered. This is going to sound dumb, but I am scared to try cloth wipes.... I even use family cloth for myself but only for pee. I guess if I'm already washing poppy diapers it doesn't really matter anyway but I can't get past the ick factor that I think cloth wipes have.
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I totally felt the same way at first! Someone had given me a giant box of Huggies wipes from Costco at a baby shower so I started out using those. However, the throwaway wipes are so flimsy and it took a lot of them to clean up the poopy diapers. I also got tired of reaching for the diaper pail for the diaper but the trash can for the wipes; after all, the natural tendency is to wrap the wipes in the diaper and toss it all in one place. So before I even made it through the Huggies wipes I converted to cloth. You'll figure out what your preference is though! 

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Do you make your own wipe solution that the wipes hang out in until they are used? I'm paranoid of mold issues. Or do you use a spray that you just spray the wipe?
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I just use the million wash cloths we got as presents. I just wet it when i need it with water from the tap or my water bottle. It's really no worse than poopy diapers and I just toss the wipes in the washer with the diaps. We bathe DD every day usually so I don't worry about the wipe solution.
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Oh, I agree, the cloth wipes are sooo much better than the sposies.  When we travel and I have to use sposie wipes, I always seem to get poo everywhere and on my hands.  Blech. 


If you're using cloth dipes, just chuck the poo wipes in with the dipes and they'll be fine, even once baby starts solids.  Seriously.  I know it sounds icky, but I really don't think you'll have a problem with it once the baby arrives and you're changing fifty billion poo dipes a day.  Buy a stack of cheap washcloths and you're good to go.  If you really decide you can't handle it, you can always use the washcloths as washcloths or burp rags.


We also just use water on our wipes, and bathe DD every day.  The only exception is that after she started solids, I like a wipe solution on poo wipes when we're out and about (I have water and solution in little squirt bottles in the diaper bag, as opposed to soaking them beforehand--scared of mold, etc.).  The reason for that is that the wipes don't get as wet as when I wet them under the faucet, and I feel like it does a better job of cleaning up the solid poo (and it makes DD laugh to be squirted when the lavender-smelling solution, hehe :) ).

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Never used the econobum stuff, but did see the snappies.
Some prefolds, like green mountain diapers, are better suited for snappi use. They are wider and not as long. The prefolds used for laying in a cover trifolded, which sounds like the econobum, are often longer and not wide enough to snappi close
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LOL....I had same problem with sposie wipes when i'd use them....which was rare. took me like 12 to do the same job 2 cloth would take care of.


I worried and pondered the leaving in a wipe box thing, but what worked best for me with my 2 was using my peri bottle which someone reccomended.

I begged my 2nd midwife and got like 3 extra so I had plenty :)


I generally put a tiny drop of babywash in my bottle, but not all the time (hurry, etc)

filled with warm water and it hung out in my "wipe drawer"

my mom always changed us kids on the floor, which I did as well with my two. the tv ent center had 3 drawers on it, so bottom drawer held wipes and peri bottle and creams.


I'd lay out a few wipes depending on the mess, pop bottle and hose em down....and voila!


I am a little OCD and hated my wipes were not all the same size/material, but that actually worked better because i'd use the heavy duty velour or sherpa wipes for big poops, thinner flannel ones for last cleaning up wipe or when rashy and only peed, and I had one random wipe that was itty bitty that I liked to use for same reason....etc.


I actually still have all my wipes and use them in lieu of napkins when kids were little, and blowing my nose when sick....etc. kids are almost 6 and 9 now tho...may be time to get rid of em ;)

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I will have to look into the cloth wipes, you are all starting to convince me I should at least try it.


I do have some normal prefolds that are not the econobum that I got and I was thinking those are what I would snappi. But thank you for the input on econobums not being easy to snappi. I just hope DH can figure this all out also. He makes things so much harder than they have to be and stresses himself out so I am really hoping he will be able to help with the cloth diapering and not just freak out that its to much work. 


Thank you for all the help and ideas!!

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For wipes. I use cheap baby wash cloths, like 4/$1. At home I just grap a wipe and run it under warm water.
I have been known to use a wad of toilet paper for really messy poo and then finish with a wet cloth wipe. I often change my kids in a bathroom just on a bathmat. So hot water and the toilet are close by. Was never the type to have a changing table in a bedroom.

On the go I use disposie wipes, but still cloth diapers. Truely hate disposie wipes for diaper changing, Use them more for messy hands and faces. Are amazing for removing stains from clothes!
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Looks like you have a good list of items you bought.  You must've done your homework!  Good job!

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