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39 Weeks, GSB+ and very disappointed

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I don't post on this forum too often (mostly because I keep forgetting about it because when I did post to other groups they weren't very active and didn't get many responses). 


Anyway.... I figured this might be the best forum for some encouragement/advice.


I was tested for GSB at 36ish weeks and tested positive :( I requested to be tested a 2nd time which my Dr. agreed to (I'm delivering with a MD in a hospital because I couldn't find a midwife I was comfy with and this MD delivered my son but I now am disappointed I didn't find a midwife...anyway, that's a sidebar and I guess a little late to switch since I'm due this Saturday ;-) ). So I upped my probiotic and took the advise of my natropathic dr. and did some stuff to hopefully get rid of GSB. Got results today and supposedly results are still +.


Which as I'm sure you all know means IV antibiotics during labor. I had this with my son and since I was induced I think I ended up with 3 bags of antibiotics :(  This sent my yeast into major overdrive which resulted in my son and I dealing with thrush for MONTHS!  I was really hoping to avoid this at all costs. Nursing was so painful and I was miserable because of the yeast overgrowth for months.The Dr. says there's no way of knowing the antibiotics caused the thrush but I call bull on that one....


So, anyone have a similar experience with a first pregnancy and NOT have to deal with yeast issues the 2nd time around?  I dread the experience if it goes down like it did with my first.


Any advice as to how to avoid yeast this time?  I already watch my sugar intake and don't really eat breads, pasta etc... since I know they feed candida.  I also already take a probiotic.



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Would you be opposed to just refusing the antibiotics?  The midwives who are providing my parallel care were happy to accommodate refusing the abx... they would have just wanted us to stay 48 hours to watch for signs and symptoms versus 24 hours.

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I took some yeast balance pills when I got thrush with my third baby (though no anti biotics were involved) and they worked super super well!! I will try to find the brand for you, I highly recommend taking them maybe even before you go in to labor!
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Here they are! http://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B0002BB6YG they sold them at the fredmeyer grocery store near my house in Alaska, I'm sure they sell them other places you could look locally!
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Thank you both.  Yes, I thought about refusing antibiotics but they are really pushing the antibiotics and emphasize the threats it has on baby if I do refuse.  I will check out the pills suggested too. Thanks!

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MY sis has done both.  With one child, she refused abx and they had her stay over two days.  with another, she chose to have them and had to go in at the offset of labor, then could leave, then was admitted and had a tough time progressing because she wasn't used to laboring so long in the hospital.  Everything turned out alright aside from having a super long labor that cost twice as much because she was in the delivery room for so long.  this time, she is again refusing abx, so that she can stay home and labor as long as possible.  All this to say, look at what is most comfortable to you and then decide--is there an alternative?  will they keep you and baby an extra day to evaluate instead?  which is more comfortable to you?  you may be able to find a satisfactory comprimise for your situation.  Hugs.  I know it can be super stressful! 

I agree with taking probiotics now and also giving infant probiotics to your nb.

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In other western countries IV antibiotics aren't the standard course of action. There is a antiseptic wash they use called Hibiclens . You basically 'douche' with it at the start of labor and then every 4/6 hours.   GBS + is much more of an issue if water breaks but labor doesn't start for a long time or you have a very long labor post water breaking. 


Hibiclens can be bought at walmart, target, & walgreens. From there since you know you are + you can also just be extra careful to watch for any signs of infection so you can notify a ped right away if you suspect anything.

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