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Let's talk about poo!

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So I don't know what the deal is here. Hank has lots of green poop! I block feed. The diet's good. What gives? Usually in the mornings, it's nice and yellow, but throughout the day, it's green! What kind of poops are you guys getting?  

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hmmm... i get mostly yellow, some greenish.  i usually block feed too.  

i'd go check out kellymom.com or call some of my lll friends.


how long between 'feeds'?  

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We get mostly yellow with seeds and some green specks / seeds as well. The occasional greener poo but never foamy (apparently green n foamy is the foremilk imbalance poo). There's also usually one runnier and more orange colored poo per day. TMI but once he did an orangey yellow poo when I was changing him and I saw that it was distinctly part 'poo' and part 'water' and not a smooth mix of the two. Ah now that I think about it, he also sometimes has a small very green skid mark in an otherwise pee only diaper. Good times smile.gif
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When Thomas was on a growth spurt last week, we were getting some green poo once or twice a day, but the midwife said as long as we were seeing the seedy milkfat and some yellow poo, not to worry. It's cleared up since the spurt ended...

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We have some green poop, mostly just the late night / early morning diapers. I feel like I'm still working out the supply side of things, though.

What's weird is that the other poops seem more dark gold than yellow and not many seeds at all, though weight gain has been really good. It definitely doesn' t look like tje bright yellow poops DD had.
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Soooo my kid explodes every few days.  No poops in between, but after the explosion she'll sometimes have one or two smaller poops.


The initial explosion is yellow and seedy.  The subsequent little poops are yellowish greenish (sometimes pea green) and seedy.  The green (and infrequent pooping) would concern me, but she's gaining a ton of weight (she's like the Michelin man!) and I figure she's getting enough hindmilk!

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We have a very large yellow poo every 3-4 days.  It's not seedy, should I be concerned?  She was pooping in almost every diaper at the hospital for 3 1/2 weeks then when she came home it suddenly changed. 

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I have found that if you are using sposies, the poop can look VERY different depending on what brand you are using. 


Nico has poopy diapers about... 7 times a day. It's a lot. It's always yellow but the seediness depends on the time of day. It seems like if he goes a while without pooping, like when he first wakes up, it's more seedy. Sometimes it looks like nearly dry paint instead of seeds. He has wet only diapers another 4-5 times on top of that 7 dirty diaper changes... T_T and sometimes there are skid marks of yellow. 

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Aaaeeeerrrrg. We've got green oversupply/too much foremilk poops going on almost all day here. BAH.
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if babe seems otherwise fine, green is okay. my DS never had a seed to speak of and always a bit green and gained great/no reflux, etc. But if choking, gassy...longer blocks might help 4 to 6 hrs or some mint tea!
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So I think I have it figured out. Hank is allergic to almonds. Ugh. Pretty much the worst possible scenario for a Paleo mama. There go my favorite snack of almond butter and apples, my Larabars, paleo pancakes and all of my beloved baked goods! Plus tree nut allergies are something kids don't usually grow out of. So bummed, but happy to have figured it out. I haven't had almonds in about three days and his poo has been perfect for the first time since he was a few days old! After doing some research, I feel like I probably caused it by eating so much almond butter that a lot of the proteins were secreted in my milk. They say that if you're asthmatic and allergic, your kids have a higher likelihood of developing food allergies and that you should avoid possible allergens in your diet toward the end of your pregnancy and in the first two weeks. I thought I was doing good by eating strict Paleo during those first few weeks. *sigh* Oh well...  

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Benji has gone from have 6 to 8 poops a day (the first few weeks), to 2 or 3 poops and now just recently we are on day 4 of no poop. His poos are yellow and seedy. I remember my DD would go 4 or 5 days and then have a very big poop (when she got older she would sometimes take her diaper off and leave me a surprise on the floor eeeek!).


I have never been diagnosed with food allergies but there are foods that I am sensitive to/don't digest well and when I get stomach upset Benji does too (wheat, nuts, dairy). I don't do those things often so when I do its very obvious. I didn't eat well yesterday and poor little guy is very gassy today :(

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