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Beingmommy, GISDiva, and Xerxella Thank you SO much for your kind words and encouragement. I really needed it this weekend!! Things finally seem back to normal, as normal as it will ever be, that is winky.gif As I said, the juggling and balancing act is an ongoing ever present fact of life.


Dakipode I vote Frosty Moon as it is indeed chilly. And I think of snuggling, and other activities to stay warm, once the cold weather starts.


Xerxella and GISDiva My DH has also been objecting to the frequency of performances that I am asking for with TTC. After two days in a row ~2 weeks ago, around O, when I suggested another go the third day "just to be sure, " he called me devil woman, jokingly, truly, and with a smile, and told me he is no longer a teenager. I get it but still a bit disappointing. And I just want to say that I think you are very justified in feeling angry/jealous/whatever! towards the pregnant relatives/friends/acquaintances. I still think you're both good people!! It is more zen to admit your feelings, in my opinion anyway.


AFM I am 10 DPO today. Broke down and tested (again) this morning, BFN greensad.gif I am trying to be all zen and s@&T but it does not seem to be happening this month!! I am obsessively symptom spotting, essentially driving myself batty! If only my rational brain could take over...

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Oh there it is.  That AF I've been missing.  Ouch. af.gif


Seriously, every time I write on this thread that I'm not sure when AF is coming it comes an hour later.  You must all think I'm daft!  Remind me not to do that next month.  However - it does mean I had a more normal cycle *length* this month, even though the weird spotting happened.  Progress.  CD 1...this also means we're going to have to baby dance at my IL's house over Thanskgiving.  With them and his brother's entire family staying in the bedrooms next door...Oy...


Hoping a little bean is being sneaky, SparkleMaman...

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Hi, I'm new here. SparkleMaman suggested I pop over here from the TWW group and see if this thread is a good fit for me. I'm on my 2nd cycle TTC and currently 6DPO. I've previously spent most of my time on the Queer Conceptions thread, but it's getting a little quiet over there since we had a very successful month and graduated five members in October! I'm not much for symptom spotting and I'm too cheap to poas frequently, but of course I do chart seeing as how frozen sperm is a limited resource for me and my dw, so we need to time our trying carefully. Mostly I'm just looking for some company and encouragement during this wait that feels like forever! Last cycle was our first attempt and I certainly wouldn't call it zen, but I am *trying* this cycle so hard to stay calm, and succeeding at least a little bit better...
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Coati: Has AF come for you yet? If so I wish you a productive talk with your doctor.


GISDiva: sorry AF found you. It does seem like as soon as you post something your body will prove you wrong, I think it's just the internet gods getting together with the fertility gods and messing with our heads...

Thank you for speaking up about your experience as a working mom. I wonder about these things. I was raised in Belgium where it's pretty much a given that both partners will work and I was taken aback at how much people seem to disapprove of that in the US. I had never doubted that I would be a working mom when the time came but after having lived here for almost 15 years I see the financial reality of exorbitant child care costs... It's nice to get some perspective from both sides.

Wishing you lots of fun over thanksgiving! LOL!


Xerxella: I wish you the best with your plan. It sounds like you're going for shotgun vs. sniper rifle...


Sparklemaman: I'm having a hard time with being zen too. Introducing the Clomid into the equation had/has my mind aflutter... And even though I tested, and then tested again, I'm still thinking maybe the test wasn't any good. My heart has so much hope, even though my mind keeps preparing itself for the worst.


Sphinxy: welcome! I hope we can all help you stay sane.


On the topic of progesterone: this is the second month I've unofficially experimented with zinc supplementation and I think it's influencing things. I sort of accidentally noticed that it may have been helping O when I took a bunch of zinc a couple of months ago for an oncoming cold. Since then I've started believing that taking zinc in my 2WW is helping my temps stay up... Anyone else have any experience with this? I read that zinc is important in making progesterone.


Beaver Moon vs Frosty Moon poll closes tonight, so far people seem to be pulling for Frosty though. I totally thought the same thing about Beaver Moon as you did Xerxella, but I see your logic in frosty sounding unsuccessful. smile.gif


AFM: Looking back over the past week I feel like I've been such a drama queen and I owe you all an apology. Still waiting on AF though, this is getting ridiculous: 17DPO and CD39.

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SparkleMaman: Ohh, the mommy guilt!!! So terrible of us to beat ourselves up for things we can't change. I'm pretty certain men rarely/never do this, so why do we feel SO MUCH GUILT?!? I'm very fortunate to have a year's paid mat leave, and without fail I spend the last month at home/first month at work in a depression. But I agree with others that this is a sign of conscience/consiousness rather than a sign of bad/neglectful parenting. Hope your DD is completely recovered now. And yay for snuggles! My oldest DD *only* snuggles when she's ill. Too delicious!!


Xerxella: (((Hugs!!!))) It's ok to feel what you are feeling, because your feelings are real to you...does that make sense? Sorry to hear your DH is a once-a-weeker...I am too, but my DH is a 3x a day-er. Seriously. Even with two kids. And he's not a teenager either. I keep telling him we're gonna end up with 10 kids if he doesn't calm down, LOL! He actually wanted to TTC this weekend, but I am at peace with my plan. It's more important to me to be a good mother to the kids I have than to pursue more kids too close together for my sanity. If one of us were a SAH parent, I wouldn't mind, but with both of us working full-time, and two kids under 4, plus daycare costs...It's too much to add another to the mix just right now. DD2 will be 2 in June and I'm ok with trying as of then.  I am interested in using OPKs in a couple of cycles, though, just to see what's up. I have random pains each month which might be O pains; I just never knew that such a thing existed. I'm also curious to see if I ever double O...man, I'd love to have twins and be done...maybe maca will help...


Dakipode: Yes, that was 2 plane rides each way and they were both short (45 min and 1.5 hrs), with a short-ish stop-over each way and unlimited coffee, drinks and snacks at the stop-over (gotta love Porter airlines!!) I was very glad to catch my breath this weekend, though! That's why I've been a bit MIA from the thread lately :)  I hope I get the job too...I really want something with more work-life flexibility. Ideally, I'd like a job where I make less money all year-round, but I have the summers off with my kids...we shall see!  Good luck with your appointment!  I like frosty moon too; it's gotten pretty chilly here and we even had snow this morning.


Welcome, Coquelicot and Sphinxy!!! Hope your stay is short and fruitful ;)


GISDiva: Boo to other preggo ladies!! I feel like that too, even though I'm not TTC right now. And when I see women preggo who I don't think will be good parents...sigh...that's so judgemental of me, right??  Double-Boo to AF!!! Hopefully the maca helps even things out. I keep meaning to get some, I could really use the energy. I did try Vitex, but it gave me horrible nausea, even when I took it at night.


Good luck to all the soon-to-be testers!!! FX!!!

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Lol! Forgot my AFM: I am working to get back on my 99.99% Gluten-Free diet. I am gluten-sensitive and for the past year I've really fallen off the bandwagon. In fact, I believe the bandwagon is on the other side of the country, haha. I am also working on getting back in shape. Not that I'm overweight, but soft and squishy around the middle and the inevitable muffin top is really getting me down. I feel better about myself and I have more energy, am more zen when I'm in good physical shape, so I am aiming to jog/walk 3x a week during my lunch, and do a fitness DVD 3 other nights. And stop.eating.so.much. Hard, because I'm nursing still (like, 5x a night plus mornings and evenings), so I definitely am hungrier than normal. But, I decided that instead of snacking on junk once I put the kids to bed, I am just going to have a second helping of supper. Way less empty calories, right? Right?

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Lidamama: My client and I were recently talking about how she's hungrier because of pregnancy but she read that you're only supposed to have 300kcal more than your usual intake. She said to her DH: "But I'm feeding a whole other person," and her DH replied: "Yeah, but it's the size of an orange, how much do you think it eats?" LOL. Anyway, just to illustrate the point that even if you need extra calories to feed another person you may be overcompensating...


Quick update: I just researched "long luteal phase" and stumbled upon the word "luteal cyst". It's apparently a known fact that Clomid increases the chances of developing one and a luteal cyst will sustain progesterone production... Ugh. Sounds like I either need a lower dose of Clomid or just not bother with it at all.

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Dakipode, your zinc experiments sound familiar. I've never tried zinc. I did have a longer cycle once, and that was a month I used different vitamins than normal. Another month my chart was different, and that was the month I drank a lot of tea. Always trying to figure things out. :-)


Sparklemaman and GISDiva, I agree with everyone else that you are awesome for being working moms. I plan to continue working full time when/if I become a mom.


I'm also going to have to join in with those of you feeling jealous again. I have another pregnant coworker. I pretty much cut her off in conversation when she was about to start talking about being pregnant. Maybe not super polite of me... It's just so hard to hear sometimes.


Welcome Sphinxy!


I vote Beaver Moon because I saw a beaver near the creek a couple weeks ago.


AFM - AF arrived yesterday, so I am treating myself to lots of chocolate. This means that I am having an HSG on Thursday. Hopefully, I will also get the results of my thyroid test, and I will definitely talk to my doctor about my husband's SA results. I am excited to get some answers but also nervous. Has anybody here had an HSG? I'm getting the saline/ultrasound kind. I'm afraid it will hurt.

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coati - Sorry about af. It seems to be going around. (I guess you guys are more in tune with the moon than the rest of us! smile.gif )I've heard varying reports on the HSG. I haven't had one, but I did have the one where they just look inside the uterus. It wasn't too bad. Take 600mg ibuprofen before hand.

dakipode - Sorry for the super long luteal phase. Any chance you didn't ovulate when you thought you did? I know you're considering this too, but OPKs can show an lh surge and then have your body not actually ovulate. Then it can surge again and that cause the true ovulation. And, overall Clomid can screw up many things. When can you get into see the doc so they can take a look in there and figure out what's happening? PS, I'd love to be a stay at home mom. If, when the time comes, you get the chance, go for it. I went part time (2 days a week) for a few years after the kids were born and just LOVED it. It really was the best of both worlds.

lidamama - Good luck with the working out/extra helping of dinner. smile.gifeat.gif I've been watching what I eat lately and it's been working. I guess it really does come down to just eating less. Sigh. That kinda sucks. I like eating.

spinxy - Welcome!! I think frosty moon might be a good choice for you! I hope those frozen swimmers did the trick this month.

GISDiva - (((Hugs))) hug.gif Sorry af found you. She does seem to be going around here lately. At least, if you're successful next month you'll have a good story around the baby! I always think things will be sucessful if they have a good story around them! orngtongue.gif

sparkle - Sorry about the BFN. It sucks when it's staring you in the face.

AFM - This is gearing up to be a productive EWCM cycle, so I guess that's good. I've got the start of it already. Anything wrong with a lot of EWCM? I figure younger women have more than older women, so that would seem to imply that it's more conducive to success, right?
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Coati: I had one in August. During I felt fine but shortly after it ended I got some serious cramps. The nurse had told me I was allowed to take some painkillers before the procedure that morning but I completely forgot about it. The cramping lasted about an hour and then I felt fine.

Good luck to you!

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Thanks for the welcome everyone! I've really enjoyed reading your posts from the last few weeks. Regarding coping with negative feelings and "preparing for the worst", my DW and I had a great conversation about this after my BFN last cycle. I usually come from a perspective of "prepare for the worst" not because it makes the disappointment any easier to handle, but because I sort of feel as though by not preparing I would be actually taking something for granted and jinxing myself. I'm not *really* that superstitious, but I guess it sneaks up on me in moments like this when I feel so out of control. We talked about how maybe I could try to turn that around, and consider that maybe the real "jinx" would be in not preparing for the possibility of a positive outcome. I think for me it's a freeing idea, to think that it might be OK to have hope for success without knocking on every piece of wood I can find...

To GISDiva and Coati, sorry about AF. Coati, last month my BFN was followed up with a pint of Ben & Jerry's "Chocolate Therapy", so I can relate!
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Dakipode, so true about over-eating...I'm an emotional eater and I always need to have something in my mouth if I'm sitting down....maybe I should try a pacifier??? (Joking...)

Xerxella, YAY for EWCM!!! I used to have so much before DD1....like I had to wear a panty liner...sorry, tmi....now I find I have much less...and I'm only 28! Yeesh!

Coati, good luck on the HSG! Let us know how it goes.
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I like frosty moon...



Welcome.gif to sphinxy and coquelicot



Gisdiva and coati -hug2.gif Sorry about af. I hope next cycle is the one....


dakipode- Hope you get some answers soon....


Xerxella-  sounds like your cycle is going to be a good one...thumb.gif


AFM: cd9 and I got a positive opk today! Craaaazy. That's never happend to me this early before.  I usually don't start testing for a few more days but had a temp spike this morning. We'll see what happens I guess!

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New thread is up. Frosty Moon got more votes.


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