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Birth Bead Exchange???

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We did it in my last DDC and it was so nice getting the beads together and sharing them, Although, I do not want to be the organizer.





What we did in my other group was sent all the beads and $5 for shipping to one person, who divided and organized the beads and sent them back to all the participants.  I loved having my necklace, although, labor was so fast that I forgot to even put it on.... :)  It was something fun to look forward to toward the end.


I am suggesting it now since we have so many twin moms and it would be nice if they could get in on it too, just in case someone goes a few weeks early!


What do you think????

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i'm sorry, i've never heard of this before... what is a birth bead?



...doing some googling...

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yes! i also loved this from our last birth club..i also forgot to put on the necklace i made out of the beads when i was actually in labor, but i wore it for the weeks before and it was so nice to have it...  and i'd also rather not organize it .. i am tempted to say i would rather than have it not happen but i have sooo much going on.. i shouldn't take on extra stuff, so if someone else is willing - that would be awesome.

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So birth beads are just special beads that each participant picks out to share ( each person would get 20 or so of the same type of bead and send it to the organizer to divide and ship out). Each participant would get the 20 other beads and make a necklace out of the beads to wear during the birth to remind them of this group and the support they have and the beauty of birth. You can bless the beads or say a prayer before you send them out....

I don't know if that makes sense....

There were lots of personal notes with the beads from my past Dec that explained why the person picked that bead, but I think that is optional.

Hope that helps a bit.
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that sounds so beautiful and grounding.


since i have put my business on hold for the rest of my pregnancy, i do have quite a bit of time on my hands for now. i can volunteer to be the organizer, as i've done many of these types of things for my etsy groups and it's always pretty easy for me.

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great Kellybeth.  You can choose how many participants and the deadline for signing up and getting the beads mailed to you....


You can start a new thread for sign ups if you want!


Thank you!!!!

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Im in!! I never done it before, so i need a step by step , what a cute idea!!! 

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okay i've started a birth bead exchange thread!

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Oooo, this is cool. Since I'm far away and will need to courier beads I would just need to send one package with beads to the organizer right? I then have a US P.O. Box for domestic shipping back to me so that part is easier. 

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easy peasy, that's it!

check out the birth bead info thread if you'd like to join in. stillheart.gif

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KellyBeth I received your email but it won't let me reply so I'll post my email here b/c I don't want to mess out on the birth beads.
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