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New to State College, PA area

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Hi all,


We recently moved to a small community in Bellefonte, PA and we are looking for a doctor that is open to alternative vaccine schedules.  It seems like we have been very spoiled in the past with the quality care we have received.  It seems like the bigger the network the harder it is to find quality care.  Does anyone know of one around?



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I'm bumping up your post. bump.gifAnyone have a recommendation to share?

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Sorry, no recommendation. I saw this the first time around, too. That's a beautiful area, but I only used the campus clinic, so I can't recommend anyone. I hope you find someone wonderful!
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Am also from Bellefonte! I take my children to Geisinger Greys Woods Peads.....Dr. Jarvey and Dr. Brink have been pretty ok with the no vax policy that I have. Dr. Jarvey has been the best. I told him the first appointment that we were not doing vaccines, gave him a brief explanation as to why (nothing detailed) he didnt ask questions beyond that, reminded me that he thought it was important, and never brought it up again. Dr. Brink was pretty much the same, but reminded me at every appointment that she found it important, but didnt pressure beyond that. I absolutly loved Dr. Brink (really personal reasons, as my son had special needs) and Jarvey was really good with my other son! They never threatened to kick me out of the practice or anything so thats at least a start!

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my son is 2 my daughter is 10. if anyone is in the area and wants to start a moms group or a play group or you know whatever that would be really fun! im a SAHM, and pregnant as well so you know since you said you were new to the area and stuff.....just a thought....

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