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New town (Chapel Hil) needs ... chiro, pediatrician, yoga studio, dentist, you know ... :)

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Looks like our move to Chapel Hill is finally happening .. Yey! SO excited. Love your town folks.


Can anyone local recommend their favorite: Chiro (Nutritional Response Testing Chiro even better)

Dentist (Holistic if poss)

Yoga Studio (anything but HOT yoga, ugh)

Women's Health Practice/Doc

Pediatrician (delayed/no vaccine docs exist??) 

Oh, and I guess regular old Physician, although I don't know when I last went to one of them!


Thank you in advance .. if you can get a referral bonus/credit, i would love to tell them who sent me.

And hope to meet some of you at the playground :)

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I'm bumping up your post. bump.gifAnyone have a recommendation to share?

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For doctors I highly recommend unc family medicine.

Years ago I used to see one of the doctors Noel at Noel chiropractic. They were great, I see a different chiropractor who trained with them and is closer to where I live, now.

For women's care specifically, women's birth and wellness is wonderful. Can't recommend them highly enough.
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Yes, if you're still considering having more kids I'd go with the birth center (Women's Birth & Wellness) for well-woman care. I left there after I was done having kids and my blood pressure started creeping back up (it had been high for years before kids) and became higher than they wanted to deal with. I think they were a little sensitive to the serious complications of high BP in pregnancy. I have a well-managed hypothyroidism, too, and it was all just a little more than the scope of their practice, but for paps and screenings, and basic health care they're great. Now I go to Carrboro Pediatric and Internal Medicine. All the doctors there are women and I feel pretty comfortable with them. They're fairly mainstream, but open to patient suggestions and weren't at all freaked out about my blood pressure or thyroid. I don't do a GYN, but don't have any issues that would require one.


My kids do not go to Carrboro Pediatrics although they could. They already had an established pediatrician when I made the switch to Carrboro and I didn't want to mess with that. They go to Dr Goldbach at University Pediatrics at Chapel Hill North. They're a mainstream practice, but I like him and he is open to parent suggestions. 


Lots of folks like Dain Vines in Hillsborough for a more open, but traditionally-based practice.


Susan Delaney gets a lot of votes as a naturopath.


My DH likes North Carolina Chiropractic and Dr Chas Gaertner. 


So many yoga places around here. I used to go to Carrboro Yoga Co a little bit, but don't take any classes now. They have a really beautiful space, though.

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I've heard good things about Carrboro pediatric, too. I have a friend who delays and selectively vaxxes and her kids go there.
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Thank you everyone! I was a bit delayed in replying with all this Sandy business. Not that I had to deal with what most did further North. Crazy. 


I am starting a new Google Doc with all this info. I am so sad to leave the "team" I have put together here, but at least they have taught me what I'm looking for.


Carrboro Yoga Co. does look gorgeous Beanma.

I am done with having babies but I love our birth center here, for general wellness/paps, so I will check out the center down there. 

And I'll look up Noel Chiro Rrrrrachel - thanks!


Oh, and for other people looking... we have had one experience, during a visit to CH (isn't that always when kids get sick/have accidents!) with Charles Johnson at Chapel HIll Peds on Sage Road - he was fantastic with our daughter. Although I don't know how he/his practice deals with vaccination delays. I will be calling them to find out once we move.


Happy Election Day all! I am so excited it's almost over and my swing state landline will stop ringing 5 times a night. 

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We have a great local alternative parenting Yahoo group here. There are many MDC moms on there. I don't know if you can join before you move. I "think" you can. Dr. Vines's name comes up a lo on there,but there are many others. My kids are adopted (I was a foster parent) so I don't know much about delayed, or non-vaxing. My kids see Dr. Morton (DS) and Dr.Merritt DD) at Chapel Hill Peds. They have always been open to alternatives, but I don't know their thoughts about vaxes. I have the feeling that they are probably ok with delaying but less so with non-vaxing. We love both of them and they meet our current needs.
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We see Melissa Marr for chiro at chapel hill family chiro (I know she doesn't vax her own little one). Still looking for a good pediatrician open to no vax. Great pediatric dentist is Amy Davidian at southpoint pCediatric dentistry, totally worth the drive IMO
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My kids go to Dr. Avni Rampersaud at Chapel Hill Pediatric Dentistry. EVERYONE there is wonderful and they have a very gentle way of interacting with children (and they're parents.)
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Thank you - adding these to the list!

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Our kids go to Duke Pediatric Dentistry (Drs Keels and Neal) in Durham over near the Museum of Life & Science. My oldest is 11 and it seems like several pediatric dentistry places have opened in Chapel Hill in the intervening  years since we started going over there. Dd1 was super doctor phobic and so I was looking for a female dentist with as many distractions as possible. There just weren't a lot of other options in Chapel Hill then.


The plus for Duke is that they can see both kids simultaneously in a room with two chairs. The one pediatric dentist in Chapel Hill that I talked to way back when we first started looking was not able to do that. The kids like Dr Neal and the office at Duke Peds Dentistry so we're not messing with a good thing right now and sticking with them even though there are other places closer. It's 15 miles from my house— about 25 minutes. When they were younger we used to make a day of it and go to the museum too, but they don't need that level of distraction any more. They have always been very understanding of my dd1's emotional sensitivity and it seems to be expected that as a parent you will go back with your child. I used to sit between the two exam chairs and hold both their hands while the two dental hygienists cleaned their teeth. I was still nursing when we started going, but I just didn't share that with the dentist because I didn't want to get into any potential issues. So far both of mine have been blessed with pretty good teeth. My dd1 did have to have one filling because of some funky defect on a back molar, but she was completely entranced by watching a movie on the tv on the ceiling and didn't even notice that she had gotten a shot of novocaine!

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Hey, not sure if you still need recommendations, but in case anyone else comes upon this:  


I heartily recommend UNC Pediatrics at Highgate, which is close to Chapel Hill in South Durham. They definitely prefer vax'ing, but are respectful and really great docs.  Also second the recommendation for UNC Family Medicine, with Ami Goldstein, FNP, CNM in particular.


The Birth Center can definitely be your PCP for well-woman care -- Rachel is their FNP, and she's wonderful!!!


Triangle Acupuncture in Chapel HIll is a fantastic resource for complementary medicine -- I can't speak highly enough of them. 


And Meadowmont Dentistry, Dr. Jerre Kennedy, in Chapel Hill is wonderful.  They are family-practice, not peds specifically, but are fabulous with my school-aged kids and I love them myself.  They aren't hippy per se, but replaced all my mercury fillings with non-merc, using very good technique to keep mercury exposure down. They're also really just great, kind people. I love them, and I hate dentists. :)


I drive to Raleigh for chiro care, for Donna Hedgepeth at Keystone Chiropractic. She's the best for moms and kiddos, IMHO. :)


Good luck with your move!!

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