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Crunchiest area in Milwaukee

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We are considering moving to Milwaukee from the Twin Cities area, but are concerned about the crunchiness in the area.  What suburbs would you recommend for the crunchy factor? (we are looking at Port Washington, it's near the water and seems quaint and also Bay View.)   We prefer more suburban than too urban, but are fairly open.


Also, I have seen past posts about a holistic mom's group - is this still active or are there other active AP groups?  We are considering Waldorf - but currently homeschooling (our little man just turned 5.)




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The crunchy areas tend to be more urban.  Port Washington is a lovely little place, but it's a little far from Milwaukee proper (for me anyway!) and I couldn't tell you how crunchy it is, my uneducated guess is not very.

Bayview certainly has a big crunch factor and is family friendly.  If it wasn't for DH/my job further west, we'd probably live there, although we really like where we live too, which is Wauwatosa.  I wouldn't call it a hotbed of crunchy, per se, but it has a fairly diverse population, especially on the eastern half and has lots to do.  It has a more suburban feel to it but still has the perks of being urban as well.  Shorewood would be another similar suburb.  However, if you're not going to use the public school system, I'm not sure I'd justify the higher taxes, you know?  I've heard great things about Tamarack Waldorf, which is on the East side.  There's also a Waldorf school out in the western suburbs, as you probably know, Prairie Hill.  The county surrounding it is very, very conservative and traditional. You would probably have to look a bit harder for nearby like-minded people.  They certainly exist, just not in the numbers you'd see closer in to Milwaukee.  My friend (who is also here on Mothering, maybe she'll chime in) lives in Brown Deer - very affordable and more suburban in style.  I wouldn't call it crunchy, but it's not far away to areas that are.


I'll watch this thread.  I don't know if any of that helped, but if you have any more questions, feel free!  I'm sure others will chime in too, there's quite a few of us Milwaukeeans here.  :)

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I live in Tosa, too.  I agree with above poster, and would add the following crunchy features about Tosa:


1) There is a natural food co-op here, Outpost (also in Bayview)

2) Tosa is very bike and pedestrian friendly; there are many activities for families within the city limits; I seldom leave Tosa (for better or worse ;)

3) There are a few Montessori school choices - Children's Workshop for preschool age, and the school district has a public Montessori school; nearby there is Milwaukee Montessori as well

4) There isn't a school bus service in Tosa because there are neighborhood schools all around which are within walking distance for every family

5) Neighbors are incredibly "neighborly" - this depends on your neighborhood, of course.  I live in Lowell Damon Woods which has a very active neighborhood association.

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I wholeheartedly agree with the above, esp point 5, we love our neighbors in 'Tosa  - I have several friends who live in a variety of neighborhoods and they say the same. smile.gif

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