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I just remembered something else that could help some. Digestive enzymes! I'm only 4 weeks and I already NEED to remember to take them or I feel icky (not nauseated yet though just gross) and REALLY gassy. I remember with my last successful pregnancy that I had to take them and they did help slightly with the nausea. Just thought to pass it on. Apparently you aren't supposed to take procreatin. Stick with plant based enzymes.

This is the one I took when pregnant with DD http://www.vitacost.com/natural-factors-papaya-enzymes
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I'm feeling pretty yucky as well. I found exercise and fresh air help.

Never eating the same meal twice (very challenging) I can snack on the same things, but for some reason repeating a prepared meal (even the thought of it) is BAD.

Eating often, if I go for over 2 hours without eating I'm useless at that point even the thought of eating makes me dizzy, so I make sure not to let it get that bad.

Protein  is hard, but I've been making smoothies with hemp protein powder that keep me going longer than most things. I think smoothies can be tricky, it's about finding the right mix of ingredients each time.

Oh and I think I mentioned this in another thread, but I discovered that neon lights are a trigger as well, so I avoid them whenever possible. My midwives gave me a hand out with info on morning sickness and it mentions possible triggers. Neon lights were on there as well as stuffy rooms, chopping veggies, and perfumes. I've been carefully observing my surroundings when I feel worse to see if I can pin point a trigger.

They suggest eating something small when you wake up, even before you get out of bed. 

laying down in a darkened room with a damp cloth on your forehead.

an electrolyte balanced liquid.

"sea bands" i think they are also called psi bands. 

I find having lots of things to try helps cause the same thing rarely works every time.

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Hi!  I'm new to the group.  I'm about 7 weeks along and this will be baby number three.  This morning sickness thing is the worst!  It was so bad with the first two that, despite my whole "natural" pregnancy thing I had to take Xofran.  It was the only thing that worked, but only in the form that the tablet dissolved under my tongue.  The pills just got tossed up with whatever I had just eaten.  I want to avoid it this time around, and am hoping to find some good suggestions on here! 


Some things that have worked for me so far:  cheese and crackers as a snack when I first get up.  Takes care of the empty stomach yuckies as well as my fat and salt cravings.  Who knew Triscuits were so good in the morning?!  I also carry chunks of crystalized ginger in my bag.  Helps for a short time anyway.  Also, like many of you, I'm sure, following my body's crazy cravings.  I eat a salad at 10:30 or so in the morning.  For whatever reason, that's what my body wants.  Also, spicy foods!  I'm vegetarian, and when I get those protein cravings, I make myself some tempeh "buffalo wings".  So yummy with blue cheese dressing on the side!


Isn't it funny, too, how we are repulsed by what we normally love?  I first figured out I was pregnant when I no longer craved my daily afternoon cup of chai tea.  I LIVE for my afternoon cup of tea.  Now the smell of cinnamon makes me want to hurl!


Has anyone tried any aromatherapy kind of thing?  I'm noticing that certain smells can help the nausea pass a little easier.  Fresh grapefruit, pine trees, lemons, my kids' Tea Tree Therapy Chest Rub.


Good luck to you all, and I look forward to reading more!

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Welcome, mamagnome. It sounds like you've got a pretty good idea of what helps you and what doesn't! Many of the things I suggest, you're already doing. My morning sickness was severe enough between weeks 6-10 that I really relied on medication to get me through. I hated that, too - but it was necessary. Zofran during the day, but Phenergan at night - otherwise I was up sick at 4 am every morning. Zofran kept me from vomiting, but didn't do a lot for the nausea.


I'm still nauseous at 13, almost 14 weeks - but nothing like it used to be. Super sour, spicy and salty seem to be soothing to me when I can actually eat. The smell of citrus is amazing - I'd peel a half dozen cuties for my boys just to smell the citrus. Eating constantly really helps keep the nausea from getting out of control, but I find that incredibly challenging to do with the massive aversion I have to food and eating in general.


Like you said - eat whatever works! If you can get it down, go for it - who cares if it's salad in the morning or cereal at 2am? :)

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