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Crazy anger, mood swings...hormones?

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This happened with DS1 too, not being able to control my emotions at all, feeling like I wanted to scream, yelling, etc. I figured it was simply lack of sleep combined w/crazy hormones (which it prob was/is). I keep hearing about thyroid issues and adrenal fatigue and it does resonate w/me, but not sure what to do!


I'm tired a lot, DS1 sleeps well now, but DS2 does not. So, for 2.5 yrs I've either been up every hour or two w/a baby or pregnant and up every hr or two to pee!

I get out of control angry on a daily basis (like, to the point of wanting to hurt someone, I just have to set DS2 down and walk away for a bit. I've never Hurt them, but certainly yell sometimes and my little one is only 7 mo!). I often can't stand DH...I even printed up divorce papers b/c he makes me so so mad (he's lazy, other than that I know he loves me and means well, but just doens't get it)

I have no sex drive, I'm busy and stressed beyond belief, I skip meals often b/c I feel too busy to eat the way I want to and so have no "snacks" around (tho I'm trying very hard to eat more lately-I'm a size 1 and getting smaller). I have lots of brain fog and my memory has been failing me.

It runs in my family:( I was abused mentally and physically by my mother who refuses to admit she did anything wrong. She's on a ton of meds and is, simply put, crazy and I see myself in her (tho I'd NEVER treat anyone the way she does).

We eat healthy, we're WAPF eaters. I've cut out gluten, soy, and GMOs. I don't believe in supplements, but do lots of herbs and am trying to eat seaweed everyday. I also got magnesium and am applying it transdermally daily.

Can anyone help? BTDT and have something that helped you? If it's thyroid/adrenal, what helps? How can I balance my hormones?

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OMG!!! i read your post and felt like it was reading myself. Same thing happening to me with kids and husband. I definetly been struggleing with thyroid issues.


After all this years i realize that lack of sleep is the number #1 problem.

Main thing is we have to try to get at least 6 to 7 hrs of sleep to be able to handle kids and husband.


For thyroid i use 3 drops of iodine every day. Glad you are consious about the food and all the crap on them. We are Vegan family. A good diet is a plus!.


Another thing that work for me is taking time for myself. Every day whenever my husband job let me i go to the Gym, run 20 mts then get in to the sauna then steam room. Then take a cold shower, use lavender oil on my skin and when i get home i feel like a 1,000,000 bucks ready to start the day.


We need to learn to take it one day at the time and try our best. Is not easy, i have a 6, 5 and 1 yr old and when husband work a lot i go CRAZY!!!!!!!! I still have my bad days where i just lock myself in the bathroom and cry.


Good luck to you mama!!!! winky.gif

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I know this is old but just now saw it and wanted to reply. By any chance do you have an iud or on other birth control? They can definitely cause this.
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Originally Posted by vagabonder View Post

I know this is old but just now saw it and wanted to reply. By any chance do you have an iud or on other birth control? They can definitely cause this.

Nope, I got off that poison years ago ;) 

After researching I realized I have adrenal fatigue and probably a slew of otehr issues surrounding that. I'm working on de-stressing and taking a lot out of my life, hopefully it will help. I also found some old long thread on MDC about the rage and lots of mamas spoke up!

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This sounded like me.  I had rage and screamed at my little boy.  I would want to spank him so bad that I'd leave the room and let him cry so I could go cry in a different place!  I'd also get really depressed and unmotivated--wanting to lay on the couch all day.  If I didn't get enough sleep--WATCH OUT!  This would happen when I was not premenstrual but would be worse during it.  I also had a horrible adjust postpartum.  See this post: http://www.mothering.com/community/t/1381667/bipolar-ii-post-partum#post_17329981


Nevertheless, I eventually was diagnosed with major depression/social anxiety and premenstrual dysphoric disorder.  I had all my hormones checked and they were normal (including thyroid, estrogen, cortisol, adrenal function, iron, etc).  I thought maybe I had PMDD or hypothyroidism.  I tried herbal treatments and omega supplements etc etc.  I work out, eat well and see a therapist.   I avoid chocolate, caffeine, alcohol, and sugar as these make me feel worse.  Still, the irritability and mood swings never went away.


I finally saw a psychiatrist who had me track my mood and irritability.  The deep dark depression correlated to ovulation and the first few days of my period.  The irritability was present every day and comes from being anxious and would be worse during the deep dark depressed states.  A few days after my period ended, I had normal/near normal mood.  The cycle then repeated. FUN!


At first they were not sure if I had soft bipolar disorder but I never hand any hypomania/mania and my cycling occurred monthly in accordance with my period!  Zoloft did not help.  Lamictal did not help.  I started a continuous cycle of Nuvaring birth control (no periods!) and will be figuring out another anti-depressant or mood stabilizer to go on.  I am trying to figure out what will help before TTC again!


Best of luck to you.

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