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Does anyone else's baby kicks them when you try to change her diaper?

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She kicks me in the stomach and tries to kick my hand away! Isn't it early for diaper changing struggles? She's almost 8 months.

Sorry, I'm having one of those days and its not even noon yet. She's getting her 7th and 8th tooth (maybe 9th as well) at 8 months on Sunday. Won't nap, won't be put down, and the dog won't stop barking. She has to be standing at all times, seriously just sleep!

Thanks for letting vent.

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  • from my experience (i have a 7yo & 9mo) I've found that is normal for baby to kick. We've put diapers on side-ways, upside down, backwards, with baby screaming, kicking rolling, fussing, etc. I know these kind of days that you speak of. They're no fun. But they pass and trust me, before you know it, he's grown and you're considering having another and then you start all over again. Lol. No worries. There will be better days ahead
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Once my DD got really good at rolling over (4 or 5 months), the easy diaper changes were over. We went the path of least resistance and started diapering while she was on her tummy (girl LOVED tummy time). Then once she started crawling and got really good at that the diaper chase started. At nine months she started pulling up on furniture and we just started changing her while she was standing. Forcing her to lay down made the whole process take a lot longer and was miserable for everyone involved. She's still not a fan of diaper changes at 18 months but will lie down if she sees her older cousin do so eyesroll.gif The best thing we did was start EC at 11 months (I now wish we'd done it earlier) and we catch most poops in the potty. Diapering is just not fun here and if we didn't have almost all carpet, I'd just have her run around naked lol
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Kicking, rolling, crawling away, etc., yep!  I'm sorry you're having a rough day.

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I feel ya!  My 8.5 month DD can be "spirited" to say the least, and we had one of those no-nap-days today too.  I am holding my breath that she will stay asleep for a few hours now!  As far as diapers, there is usually a whole lot of distracting going on over here.  I turn on the ceiling fan, give her a something to hold, as try to get it done as fast as possible!

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Thanks for the commiserating! Its been this kind of week but good news the teeth are thru!

We tried EC at 3 months and she did pretty well. I switched her diaper system and stopped having leaks and blowouts so I lost motivation. I tried starting again but all she does is play with the toilet paper. I'll keep at it. 


Giving her toys and non toys has stopped working about half the time. She started pulling up on furniture at 7 months so I need to figure out standing changes. 

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i found using something like a pillow made my LOs stop fighting laying back so much, the were much happier with their head proped up. and recently i have given them a job to do, i aparently taught them to wipe their bare feet off with a wipe, they love the job and go right for it, i didnt really mean to teach them, but i'll take what i can get, i change a LOT if diapers.

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11mo DD responds well to saying, "Time for a diaper change!" with the ASL sign for "change" first, then giving her a toy while she is getting changed, talking to her sweetly during, and using positive phrasing ("hold still!" "lie on your back!" rather than "don't roll over!"). She also really likes getting wiped LOL.

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