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Moving back into my body

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Since my c/s I've felt like it's been hard to re-inhabit my physical self. I just feel kind of like my body is a thing that let me down, and a source of pain rather than a comfy home for my heart and spirit. A great deal of my healing has had to do with finding a way to come back and be fully present here, in this skin.


Recently I came across a photography project from a woman named Jade. She takes photos of women in which she aims to "redefine beautiful." So there are mamas with stretch marks, scars, pregnant mamas, everyone. And they all are just so beautiful in Jade's (totally unairbrushed) photos.


I've begun to try to redefine what my stretch marks and surgical scar mean to me. And I decided something.


My stretchmarks are an ancient secret language, like Sanskrit or Runes. My scar is a bright pink underline for emphasis. The writing says "All ye who see this know- this is one. tough. b*tch." ;)


Are there things others have done to try to make peace with their bodies? How has doing so felt to you?

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Dance therapy was really helpful for me.


Riding my bike and getting really tough & strong riding in all kinds of weather has helped a lot.


I am part of a dance community that provides a lot of incredible love & healing. It took awhile for me to feel that I could dance again, because at first it seemed like maybe I'd lost my "dance body" forever, and that was very disturbing to me. But I've re-found my joy in dancing, and I appreciate it more than ever. That has been a gift.


Within that community are a lot of other women of all different ages who are mamas. So I'm able to see what a lot of different dancing mama bodies look like. That is really, really healing.


My daughter pats my belly and talks about how much she loves it. I'm going to enjoy that while it lasts!


Do you have a website or a book title for Jade's project? It sounds really awesome.

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Sure! The website is




It sounds like your dance community has a similar impact. Seeing the beauty in so many different bodies. I love that. 

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