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Greatest flossing tip!!

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Flossing in the car is the greatest thing ever! My DC and I finally floss every day because I've started leaving floss in the center console of the car. I tend to notice it during a red light and we floss while passing time in the car. It's the greatest. Try it! 

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Great idea!

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Haha--I do the same thing.  I use these:  http://www.amazon.com/Plackers-Micro-Mint-Flossers-count/dp/B0013NFZQW/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1350880374&sr=8-5&keywords=floss+picks


There's train tracks on my commute to work, and if my timing is off I'm guaranteed a long wait.  There's also a red light that is very long.  So, flossing it is!  

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I love it!  Have you ever heard of a SulcaBrush?  It's another amazing way to keep your teeth and gums clean in the car!  As a dental hygienist turned oral health coach I go out of my way to find products and uses that make sense for individuals!  Keep it up ladies, breaking up your routine will cause you to have more favorable results!!

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Oh I am so excited about this tip! Thanks for sharing!
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