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facebook group?

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Is anybody the least bit interested in starting/being part of a facebook group? I would still come here to keep up with you all, but i feel like it would be easier for me to keep up with personal responses and updates if we were on facebook. If nobody is interested i wouldn't be insulted, but I just thought I would bring it up just in case!

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I would be a part of it too. we do have the bead swap one but it isnt very active

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I would! I am on facebook a great deal more than here.

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I'd join a FB group - I'm on there much more often and photos are easier to see/post, too :)

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And, if any mods happen to be reading, I'd actually prefer it because I use my phone so much these days instead of my computer.  Facebook is also so much easier to upload photos too when using a phone, which is where most of my photos are these days.

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I'm in! smile.gif
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okay, should we all just join the gift swap one and make it more active again, or should i start a new one?

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I'd love to do that. As mentioned above, it's just easier to share things on FB. 

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I agree that fb is easier. I use MDC through the tapatalk app on my phone, and it's always crashing.
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Oh! And I think we should just keep the old fb group, as most people are already on there. If anyone isn't part of that group, they could just pm you for an invite?
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im game for whatever!  I would love to keep up with you guys on a more regular basis, but I'll admit, having the time to write out long paragraphs is rare, so fb might be easier!!

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okay I'm going to request to be added to the swap group!

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I'm totally in. I'd probably be around more often and post more (I often read, but don't post) if we were on FB. I can never keep up with the chat threads and they become overwhelming to me.


Is there already a group? Can someone link me?

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This is the link for the swap group: http://www.facebook.com/groups/185129714902317/?fref=ts

I sent a request but haven't been approved yet and I have no idea who the admin is because I only know everybody by their screen names!

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I believe the admin is Tulafina?
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I'm in!

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OK, I've requested as well. This will be much easier to keep up with. 

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I requested too!

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I also requested! :)

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I sent a request!

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