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Tea for babies??

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Has anyone given their babe tea?  I'm toying with the idea of giving dd a little bit of warm tea before bedtime - something with chamomile to help aid sleep.   I don't want to fill her tummy up with tea, but was wondering if this would also help eventually with nightweaning (which we aren't doing anytime soon, but I'm thinking about strategies to help it go smoothly).  Anyone tried this and had any success?

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I haven't done it but I would wait to try it until after her first birthday to be on the safe side. I'd also make sure not to sweeten since sugar at bedtime is a bad idea.
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How old is your baby?  I have given my babies some tea to treat irritability (like when they were teething).  I don't think I would make it part of a routine or anything but I might consider it if my baby was particularly fussy that day.  Chamomile tea is perfectly safe though, and I don't see a problem with giving it once in awhile.  How do you think it will help with night weaning?

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i have given my babies chamomile tea as early as 6 weeks old to hep with colic. 1 tsp cooled tea. how old is baby? that would help answer your question.

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DD is 10.5 months.  The only liquid she consistently gets is breastmilk now, though occasionally she drinks water.  My thought was if I offered tea in a bottle/sippy cup as a replacement for nursing in the night, would that help with night weaning.  I wondered if the chamomile would have sleep inducing properties and help her nod off..... not planning on night weaning anytime soon, but I was just thinking about it....

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Rooibos, which is a kind of herbal tea leaf, is used for colic. That could be a part of a good tea for that purpose. I'm not an expert on homeopathy but there are some moms here who know quite a bit. I think you'll probably catch them if you cross-post here: http://www.mothering.com/community/f/45/health-and-healing

Good luck!
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We give our son who is 11months old tea almost daily.  Our natruo recommended food-grade teas (chamomile, raspberry leaf, peppermint, etc for daily use, it is pretty much impossible  to take to much of these teas. Currently our little guy has a yucky cold so we are giving him diluted elderberry, mullein tea, but that is more medicinal so it is only for the course of his cold.

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I give my son chamomile tea (when he's teething or sick), and when he was younger, fennel tea (he was very gassy as a babe).

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