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Natural Sleep Aides....

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I had to move my prenatal appt again (being that I'm still pretty darn sick greensad.gif) and I was discussing with her about how sleep I think is a big factor in why it's taking me so long to get over things.  Basically I'm getting only a few hour chunks of sleep at a time then waking up and unable to get back to sleep.  Then I wind up taking 1-2 naps during the day.  


She suggested melatonin (possibly valerian root as well as we talked about how once I had taken it at the end of the pregnancy when the mw wanted to calm my prodomoal labor).  However I'm reading it's stating it's not safe for pregnancy online.  Sigh.  


Of course, she also said I *could* take echinachea and I was reading that's not OK during pregnancy either!?!  Ugh.


Anyone have experience with any of these?

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There is a lot of misinformation about what herbs are safe in pregnancy. A lot of sites will say that Red Raspberry Leaf is not safe for pregnancy.


I go with the herbs that people who are experienced in herbs tell me. My naturopath, I really respect. I don't have a good website to send you to however.


But I do know there have been quite a few studies on Echinacea in pregnancy and it is one of the most studied herbs in pregnancy and very safe. I have taken it in tincture form several times this pregnancy when I've had a cold. I have also taken Valerian to help me sleep in in tincture form. Just so you know, you have to take a lot for it to work - like 4-6 droppers full - not drops, full droppers!


I have also taken Elder Berry, which again, it is my understanding that this is also well studied in pregnancy - it is an immune support and anti-viral so good for colds and the flu.

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I'm sorry I don't have the answers to your questions about those ones...


Insomnia and sleep deprivation stink. gloomy.gif


I think it is hard for studies to be done on herbs and meds during pregnancy.


I think there are about 3-4 nights during this pregnancy I have resorted to Doxylamine :( the otc sleep aid tablets.  I was sick and really, really miserable.  I took less than half of one each time in the middle of the night which helped me get back to sleep.  That was the best short term solution I could find to my short term problem at the time..


Hope you find something that works for your condition and that you are comfortable with.

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NAtural Vitality CALM magnesium is a wonderful natural sleep aid and can help your body get the rest it needs for wellness. 

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i like the natural calm magnesium, and i also drink a tea of chamomile, hops, and passionflower which was made for me by an herbalist who works a lot with pregnant women. though if you have ragweed allergies you might want to avoid the chamomile. a lot of herbs say "not safe in pregnancy", and a lot of other medications too, which generally really means "has not been tested on many pregnant women so we're avoiding any potential lawsuit by saying not to take it". if your midwife is recommending something, i'd go ahead and try it.

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I second the calm magnesium! It's pretty great stuff.


I've been super sensitive to everything during this pregnancy and have had to cut out coffee- even decaf, and pretty much anything with sugar in it. I'm okay with fruit and honey, but if I have something super sweet during the day, I pay for it when I'm trying to go to bed. Hope you get some sleep mama!! 

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Yeah, I usually am pretty decent sleep wise during pregnancy, but I've had a couple of viruses back to back and this last one has been a doozy.  I've been sick for longer than a 3 week chunk.  And, the sleep has been bad!


Thanks for the information everybody, I'm going to do my best to read up more on some of it.  I had no clue that magnesium on it's own could aid in sleep...though I know it has muscle relaxant properties I've heard.


Glad to hear about the echinachea!

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