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Well done Scruffy, it sounds like your workplace needs a shake-up! Most people instinctually care for pregnant women, not insist they carry the same workload as ever.
Pregnancy is a medical condition that imposes some physical and mental restraints on the fittest of women and it is a human right, not an 'entitlement', to be given some allowances.
You're right to not accept riskier projects while pregnant and I hope your stance changes the attitude for you and your female colleagues.
Good luck (( ))
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Oh my! I can not believe you have had to go through all this! I am so glad to hear you are getting support. Enjoy your time off with your Dad!

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Scruffy, sorry this is so overdue but I haven't been able to get on here in a while and if I do I am having trouble posting from work......OMG I WANT TO PUNCH THESE DOUCHE BAGS IN THE FACE BOTH OF THEM!!!! But then again with the sounds of it they would probably like it. I am so sorry you have felt so much stress. You know I always hope people like this get reprimanded but that is never enough they will never understand what their actions have done unless they some how experience a similar situation or some how experience the same feeling.


Your supervisor is the one who AN ENTITLED ASS, NOT YOU. He felt entitled to belittle you about protecting your child when even if he had felt that way should have kept his ignorance to himself......if that is not entitled I don't know what is?


My sister experience this about 5 years ago at her workplace, somewhat different reason but same ignorance! She is a female welder totally male dominated field. She and her partner work together and almost everyone they work with is aware of it, well her supervisor and few other men decided it was ok to start bashing their relationship and completely harassing my sister about seeing some lesbian action......needless to say nothing was being done and my sister was harassed for weeks. She finally broke and ended up in the hospital from lack of sleep and not eating. She couldn't keep anything down, and her potassium levels were way tool low. She recovered and filed a lawsuit, so this would not happen to anyone again. She is now on the board of human rights in her community and at her work. Yes she kept her job and she still loves it!!!


No one deserves this, and I am so glad you stood up for self because as much as you are taking care of you and yours, you are also taking care of the women to come into your field after you! If the correct actions are taken, they will think twice about what flies out of their mouths, and maybe just maybe another woman will not have to experience this.  YOU'RE WARRIOR!!!


I am passionate about this if you cannot tell Cuss.gif

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scruffy, I'm so glad you're finding people who are supporting you in this process, and it does make it even more meaningful that you know women who come after you will be able to benefit from whatever ruckus you cause (since clearly, some ruckus needs to happen wink1.gif). Keep taking care of YOU AND BABY. You've got this!

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Thank you for all your tenacity and sacrifice.  It is always shocking to be put in the position of being treated like you are insane for having to defend your basic human rights.  Thank you for the work you and your supporters are doing for all of us.

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I was really hoping I would be back to give you all an awesome update, especially after all the words of encouragement. But, it seems I needed those words to continue my fight, not to pave the way to an easy resolution.


I didn't mention in my original post, when I first informed my Supervisor that I was pregnant (way back in September) that she had suggested I work in the Control post. 


[If anyone has seen jail TV shows, Control is like the Traffic Control Centre at an airport - over 400 camera, radios, telephones, and a few 50+" computer/TV screens of all areas of the jail.  Plus, every time someone needs to get through a door, they push a button, and that needs to be answered by Control.  So, kinda a busy place.  So busy in fact, that they have their own policy that no one person is supposed to do more than 4 hours in there without having 4 hours off (doing something else within the jail) before going back in.]


So when my supervisor suggested this, I said that there was no way that post would be good for my blood pressure and thought that we should look for something else.  She said she might need a doctor's note saying something to that effect, but that she'd speak to the warden.  It didn't appear to be a big deal, and it seemed she understood.  I mean, historically, they've tried putting every pregnant staff member in there and no one has made it more than a week before getting a doctor's note to get out, so it's not like I'm the first one to say that it didn't seem like a good fit for my "condition."


That said, after the union forwarded my doctor's note to mgmt, they replied last week saying that they would accommodate me in Control.  I emailed the union, freaking out, saying that that was the worse thing ever.  To put it in perspective, I was offered that post in September and chose to remain where I was (at risk of assault) than work in a high stress environment like that.  I ended up having a nightmare that night (about having a meeting regarding my accommodation and having to convince everyone in the room that it would be too much for me.)


Disability Mgmt was cc'd on the email chain, and said that they would only step in if needed, and it didn't seem like they were needed anymore.  Thankfully, the union emailed them back (without cc'ing everyone else, and explained that this was such a high stress position that "normal" people couldn't work in there for more than 4 hours!)


I went to the doctor yesterday, had a breakdown the second she asked about work (I guess I brought it up, I told her I had been in to see another doctor because I needed a note for work.)  I think she thought I was exaggerating a bit, but when I couldn't stop crying and my blood pressure was over 160 / 100, she became quite concerned and said that I couldn't remain at that level.  She wrote me a note saying I was to remain in "low stress" positions for the duration of my pregnancy.  I got the union to forward this to my supervisors.


So my supervisor replies saying: we'll have to talk with her doctor to see what she defines as low stress.  <snort>  She knows DAMN WELL that Control ISN'T low stress.  She's just being difficult and I'm finding it very hard not to take it personally.  I want to punch her in her face.  If this baby is a girl, I'm NOT naming her Clara, that's for damn sure (not that that name was even being considered, but I'm just sayin'.)


So now I believe Disability Mgmt HAS to get involved, since the employer and the employee were unable to reach an agreement.  (Due to the employer not being able to see past their ass.) 


A small light during all this.  My supervisor had emailed me at my work account about my new accommodation in Control (an email I didn't get as I'm on vacation - which she knows!)  The union lady asked if I'd spoken to her, and I said no, and she was quite surprised because she's claiming we've spoken.  Then she checked her emails and saw that she'd used my work account.  So in the last email she sent, with my new and improved doctor's note, she first scolded her for not contacting me directly, as I haven't been at work to check my email!  And a lot of people were cc'd on it.  She looked kinda dumb.  ha. ha.


So, no resolution yet.  I'm not budging on this.  But it's incredibly stressful.  Every time I think about it, I tear up.  It's simply not a respectful way to treat a person, pregnant or not.


So I meet with my midwife on Friday.  She knows NOTHING of this, our last appointment was 3 days after my assault, so I still thought I'd be happily riding a desk by now.  I think I'll just copy and paste my posts from here and email to her.  I'm not sure if I want to start from the beginning of this story (nor do I think I'll be able to get very far without crying and I'm so f&cking tired of crying over this.) 


The thing is, instead of all these doctor's notes I've been getting (and I'm sure I'll need more) I'd rather get midwife notes, but they're not recognized up here, or licensed, or anything, so they probably won't be accepted.  But she's my primary health care worker for this pregnancy and part of me wants to drag midwife rights into this whole thing, too.  I mean, I can get a note from her, have it rejected, and then go to the doctor.  Just to prove a point.  (I can be stubborn like that.)  I think I have a small reserve of energy left for that... Because it pisses me off the Yukon doesn't believe in midwives....


Thank you to all of you who have been following my saga - the comments are so thoughtful and so uplifting, they continue to give me energy to fight this.


Oh yeah, my dad left this AM and we had a great time!!!  We accomplished a lot, plus it was just great hanging out.

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Oh, Scruffy, your boss seriously sucks. And now you've ruled out the name Clara for me. 


Does the boss's boss have an opinion on the stress level of the control desk? Perhaps this person can explain it to your boss at a level she could understand. 

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Well Melany, that's the crappy thing - EVERYONE's being cc'd on these emails - the warden (her boss), and the Director of Corrections (his boss) and no one seems to care!  They all KNOW it (they wrote the policy saying that no one could stay in there longer than 4 hours) they just want to ignore it.  Besides screaming, I'm not exactly sure what my game plan is...


I mean, how do you rationalize with irrational people (one of my favorite sayings when dealing with frustrating inmates, but I think it applies in this case, too).


I emailed all this to my midwife a few hours ago and her response was just as awesome as all of your responses. 

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Sending good vibes your way...YOU'RE STRONG, INTELLIGENT AND FIGHTER!!!

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Originally Posted by scruffy too View Post

Well Melany, that's the crappy thing - EVERYONE's being cc'd on these emails - the warden (her boss), and the Director of Corrections (his boss) and no one seems to care!  They all KNOW it (they wrote the policy saying that no one could stay in there longer than 4 hours) they just want to ignore it.  Besides screaming, I'm not exactly sure what my game plan is...


I mean, how do you rationalize with irrational people (one of my favorite sayings when dealing with frustrating inmates, but I think it applies in this case, too).


I emailed all this to my midwife a few hours ago and her response was just as awesome as all of your responses. 

I saw that and somehow missed it. Ugh, what a PIA! Can't you pull out the policy documentation on the Control stress thing and remind the irrational what they put into place? 


I'm so sorry you're dealing with this. I'd hate to say this, but I wonder if your blood pressure would be lower at the Control desk than in any discussion involving your boss. :( But, in either case, it would be too high for a pregnant woman. 


The truly stupid part of this situation is you are not blazing the trail here, so why do you have to re-invent the wheel? They have had pregnant women in the office before and have dealt with it, why is it getting to this level of stupidity?

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Probably because they're pigheaded idiots who think that maybe this time, they will get away with being complete assholes about it. Sheesh, my blood pressure is rising just reading about this crap. I'm sorry you have to deal with this nonsense, scruffy. I hope you can get all of it resolved SOON, so you can relax and ride out the pregnancy with more joy than stress.

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Thanks everyone.  The union has a copy of the policy saying no one should be in Control for more than 4 hours, so it's all out there.  They (mgmt) break their own policies as it suits them, so it's not like it's something new that they're doing.


What bugs me, is they've tried putting pregnant women in there before and it's NEVER worked out for them.  So if I'd just kept my mouth shut, showed up for my next scheduled shift, worked Control, went to the nurses station (within the jail) and had them check my BP and then told Mgmt it was too high, that would be better than knowing my body (and the trends of the previously pregnant women who've worked Control) and trying to be PRO-active and avoiding it?????   [Pretty sure that was the worst run-on sentence ever, but I'm sure everyone's caught my drift...]  Melany is right, I'm not blazing a trail here, this hasn't worked in the past, so why is this option even on the table?!?!


Cabbitdancer - I agree and really hope that this is resolved soon.  Either that, or I'll take stress leave for the rest of my pregnancy, but this being in limbo and jerked around is getting ridiculous!

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Argh, this situation is just too much. ((HUGS)) to you and positive vibes to keep fighting for them to do the right thing.

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Gosh this is turning into the sort of soap opera that ends up on the news.... I'm sorry, you really shouldn't have to go through that kind of crap.  If other women have gone through it too - previously pregnant coworkers? could you maybe get a joint complaint together?  It seems ridiculous.  There should be a clear, sane path for workers temporarily unable to deal with possible violence.  It's not just preggos, what about someone who got his appendix out or something?  He'd be either on sick leave or a desk job until he healed up no question.

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Spughy - I would like to see a Policy developed from all this drama, too.  That way everyone knows what to expect and no one feels like they're getting picked on or that someone else received special treatment.  It is ridiculous!  And some days I'm finding it hard to believe I'm involved in this ridiculousness at all!!  Currently, they just do a case-by-case basis for other injured staff - some get pretty good treatment, others end up on straight night shifts until they heal up. 


My Human Rights Claim is all ready for sign-off and delivery to the employer.  Probably early next week.  Seems like a slow office, but I guess important things take time.


My Harassment Grievance against my one Supervisor was delivered to him and the employer earlier this week.  So maybe they're feeling some stress, just like I've been feeling.

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Like spughy said, it really is sounding like a soap opera! I'm so sorry they are continuing to be so ridiculous. Keep your chin up - you are in the right, here! And I'm glad your midwife is awesome too!

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What a bunch of horse hockey!!!!



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