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Molluscum help needed

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My son who is 14 months now has had it for probably like almost 10 months now. Sadly all of the lesions except one are on his face near his eyes and on his head. The dermatologist has done 6 treatments with Podophyllum resin. It definitely does not seem to be working, it actually seems to be getting worse. I had successfully gotten rid of 2 lesions with apple cider vinegar soaked bandaids, but the new lesions are too close to his eyes for bandaids. I just bought some collidal silver to try topically because there is no dosing instructions for children under 2.

I am hoping someone else may have had experience with this. My other 2 kids don't have it which seemed to surprise the dermatologist and the nurse.

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Poor thing!  My son had molluscum and it was a terrible experience for him.  He was pre-school age though, I couldn't imagine it with a small child.


We chose to try natural solutions rather than chemicals or cutting.  We tried 3 products but the best for us was something called Molluscaway.  It has tea tree, which we read really helps (and it did).  It was nearly all gone with a month or so and his skin seemed just fine.


It is a spray though, so i might not use it near his eyes.  Tea tree can be harsh I think.  But you certainly could open the bottle and apply it with a Q-Tip.


I wish you guys all the luck in the world,

Krista M

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Aw mama, I know the pain. My two girls had it. Dd1 had it covering her inner thighs which lasted a whole year. Dd2 had/has it on her sides and under her upper arm. Hers has lasted way over the 1 year mark now but only 1 or 2 are still around. Now my ds has it. His are all over his back and in the creases of his elbows and behind his knees. He has had it about 6 months now. With dd1 I tried the acv treatment and while it did kill the ones I was treating I felt like itade others pop up...when they burst
, they spread the virus and then more will grow... So once I noticed that, I stopped all treatment and slowly they just went away. So that is the way I have dealt with dd2 and ds's- do nothing and just wait it out. It just has to run its course and work its way out. I'm sorry it is on his face:( my neice (who dd1 got it from) had it all around her mouth. My sil treated hers and it looked so painful. So MY advice is do nothing and it will go away one day. Hopefully very soon, 1 year seem to be what I read most.
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Thanks ladies! Right now I have just been putting some Collidal silver on it since I don't think that is harsh at all and I am hoping ti will help boost his immune system.

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My son is 4 on 3rd Dec and was born with a spot on his right arm. it started to grow bigger once he was about year old. Then more started to appear on his right side and up his arm and the original one was about the size of a penny and looked like a boil. i went to the doctor and he confirmed molluscum saying his 2 children had also had it but had ''grown'' out of it.......little comfort to me at that time! He then went onto say it could take 5 years and the thought of him having these all over his body as they were constantly spreading.....i cried so much! We tried all sorts of remedies, even squeezing them which was painful and sooooo un-necessary!! One day my partner said, we have tried everything, why not try sudocream cos it helps with just about everything. i thought why not?

I swear to god.....i put this on each of the spots about 4 times a day making sure they were completely covered and then a big thick spread at night when he went to sleep. within a month most of them dried up and disappeared leaving the bigger ones....which were also drying up. It was as if they were 'popping' out the skin with the dryness.....it took about 4 months in total for every single spot to go and there is not one mark left on his body. like they never existed.

It has taken me ages to write this up but felt it is so important as a mum to share wot works for u and ur child with other mums going through this. i read pages upon pages of info regarding this subject and it became an obsession....plz plz try the sudocream as i know first hand it does work. ad say in total, my son had 20 large spots and maybe 50 little ones under the skin, mostly his right side on his belly around his back, his right arm and legs and when i stared to use the sudocream that was when they were moving onto his left side. it costs nothing and will fix this problem....i promise!!


all i ask is that when it works for u.....plz tell other mums so they dont have to suffer like i did. xx 

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