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Super itchy belly, HELP!

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AHHH my belly itches so bad!! It is so itchy that it wakes me up at night. My midwife says it isn't PUPPS because my hands don't itch. I have tried lotion, coconut oil, benedryl cream and a steroid cream to get it to stop and nothing works. It almost looks like an allergic reaction because it hives up. I don't know what to do, I cut my nails so i would do less damage to my skin, but my belly is almost bruised it is so bad.
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Your hands don't itch with PUPPS (if your hands and feet were itchy, it might be cholestasis) Is it all over your body or just your belly (if it's just your belly, then it's not PUPPS either)? I'd try Grandpa's pine tar soap (made for skin issues like eczema), or oatmeal baths. Ice packs maybe? Good luck. I had PUPPS with my first, and a mild case this time, and itching during pregnancy is just miserable.

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I had PUPPS on my hands and feet. I had the PUPPS spots from my neck down to my toes. Is it everywhere or just your belly? PUPPS kind of goes everywhere except your face. 

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I wasn't clear, I was meaning the palms/soles of your hands and feet =) Obviously it can be on the back of your hands and tops of your feet (and even in between fingers and toes-which is awful)

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It is only on my stomach and no where else. It gets all hived up too. I will have to try the pine tar soap. My midwife recommended Dandelion root so i have been trying that, but it isn't helping much.

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Oof I could've written this post. My back in actually itchier and I have no idea why. Have you tried aloe vera gel? Calendula balm? Both are calming.

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