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high-ish blood pressure at 12 weeks

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Preface this all with saying I'm super-paranoid about my BP being high because I developed gestational hypertension in my first pregnancy despite trying to relax, following Brewer Diet, etc.  


So I went today (12 weeks) and my BP was 130/80.  I was nervous because I wasn't sure if we would hear the heartbeat or not.  Also I've been sick.  My midwife seemed to think it was okay, but we agreed it was a little higher than we'd like.  


don't have chronic hypertension.  My BP non-pregnant is usually quite normal - somewhere in the 120s/70s.  At my first appointment, about 8 weeks, it was like 127/78 or so.  


I know that 140/90 is the real "trouble" threshold, and even then it has to be two readings at least six hours apart that are over that.  My concern is that my blood volume should be expanding at this point, and dropping my BP.  I was really hoping for something in the 110s/60s.


Does anyone have suggestions?  I really want to head this off.  Midwife suggested calcium and B-vitamin complex supplements.  

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i think 130/80 is still classified normal in the uk.. and with stress its understandable.. i run about 90/50 and my latest appointment i came out with 110/50 which im pretty sure was due to stress just before with her saying i may need to be refferred to a specialist centre.. neeeded to see the ob, and then dissapeared out of the room for 20 minutes eek.. i think as long as the bottom number isnt getting too close to 100 and the top doesnt get past 140 your ok

Also, advice for lowering bp, reduce salt, additives etc from diet, if your drinking high volumes of fluid, slightly reduce it,and generally lower sugar and fat..  Also try and reduce stress if possible (HA) and take time out for relaxation

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I tended to run high BP during my first 2 pregnancies.  The second ended with pre-E.  Following Brewers Diet and taking Vitanica's Rauwolfia (previously called HBP blend) helped keep my BP normal during the next 2 and hopefully this pregnancy too. 

By the way, I actually take "Real" salt or Himilayan sea salt about 1/2 tsp per day to stay hydrated! This  helps keep your supply up for nursing too. (How much salt I decide to take is determined by a method that is difficult to describe here, but some just take 1/2 tsp/day instead.) The salt recommendation was made by my "old school" MD. I don't advocate salt from processed food sources, but real salt is actually beneficial for BP.

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At my first appointment my blood pressure was 136/75 and they said that was normal.  I was nervous at my second appointment because it was the first "real" one  (Not just a bunch of registration paperwork.) and I wasn't sure how supportive they were going to be of someofmy choices. When I first got there they took my blood pressure and it was 146/81 which was high.  I had them retake it before I left, and it was 130/67, which was normal.  I think I had a bit of white coat syndrome or whatever it's called going on.  Many people get nervous before they get their blood pressure taken which causes it to spike but is not indicative of high blood pressue.  That's something to consider, too 

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Thanks for the tips!  I will ask the midwives about the Rauwolfia if my BP keeps trending up. 


PhilsBabyMama - when I went to a CNM/OB practice last time, I instituted a whole regime where they couldn't weigh me anymore (made me nervous), and then I was allowed to lay on my left side for 5-10 minutes before the BP check.  Needless to say, they hated me and my special demands!  I get major white coat.


The hard part is that frequently they record that first pressure in your chart and then it's there to establish a "pattern," even if you had a lower reading later in the appt!  Make sure they record the lowest reading in your chart.


The homebirth midwife wasn't too concerned with my 130/80, but I have done some reading on HPB in pregnancy since my last was born, and know that having a pressure in the 110s/60s between 10 and 17 weeks is ideal.  Normal to have "low" pressure during this time because blood volume should be expanding very rapidly. 


I have been taking a B-vitamin complex (make sure everything is at least 50 mcgs!).  I think the midwife recommended that just for general well-being and to drop my stress, and it really works!  They are like happy pills for me.

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