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My 7 m/o is underweight but not ready to BLW

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I did BLW with my daughter and was planning to with my son as well. My daughter was 10 months old when she started trying solids. My son is now 7 months, 8 days. He can barely sit up on his own and still falls over quite a bit. He has no pincer grasp. I do not feel that he is ready for solids at all.


We went to our (very natural-minded) pediatrician today and found that my son has dropped off of the charts for weight. He was always in the 25th percentile, but has dropped down and completely off the last couple of months. The ped. says I need to start giving him rice cereal to give him more calories, but I don't think he's ready.


I really am not sure how he can be not gaining. I feed him whenever he's hungry and whenever he wants to nurse. I have lots of milk. I even pump for another mom's baby. I asked if this could be the problem and the ped. said it might be but that women usually breastfeed twins just fine, so he wasn't sure.


The thing is, my son won't nurse more than he does now. He nurses until he's done and then he seems to have better things to do. He is very strong and doing everything he should be doing physically. He's very alert and active. He is rather skinny and people often comment on how thin he is, but that he seems to be doing fine. Even the ped. said he looks like he's doing great, just really thin.


So what would you do? He's not even on the chart at all, so not in any percentile. He is 27.5" long and 14 lb 15 oz.


Should I try eating more? I have no appetite at all when I'm lactating, so I don't really eat more than I normally do. Maybe try to get him to nurse more? I don't think he will, but I can try. I tried tonight to give him a bottle of the milk I had pumped and he was very interested in the bottle itself (he has never seen one) but didn't like the fact that milk was coming out of it. LOL! So I guess he's not that hungry if he isn't going after it. Thoughts?


(Edited to add: my ped. was using the WHO breastfeeding charts for weight gain)

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He is tall though, so I would take that into condsideration. If he is otherwise healthy and alert, I wouldn't be too concerned but getting a second opinion might put your mind at ease and rule out any problems. I highly advise against rice cereal. One, rice even organic contains arsenic. Second, grains are the worst first food to give any child but especially children under two because its very difficult to digest and can lead the allergies later in life. I also did BLW with my LO and didn't introduce solids until 10-11 months. At 21 months he is 32.5 inches and 24 lbs. I would suggest eating a diet rich in healthy fats like coconut oil, avocados, almonds, almond milk, and organic protein options. And I would put him to the breast as much as you can because he will get more milk this way than from what you're able to pump. Does he have any allergies, like dairy? If so that would prevent proper digestion.
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I second the fatty diet for yourself. Is his head growing? I would be super concerned if his lack of growth was impacting his brain growth. Has he tried to reach for food? Is his muscle tone good?

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Yaay, ice cream!


Dunno if his head is growing. Doctor only mentioned his weight. His head certainly looks a lot bigger. Not too worried about brain growth. He's already started talking and for 7 months, that's early. It doesn't seem to be affecting his motor development.


I tried giving him avocado in breastmilk yesterday and he spit out every drop, so he is definitely, absolutely not ready for solids yet. His muscle tone is GREAT. He's the most active baby I have ever seen and hes incredibly strong. Almost as strong as me. I can't hold him on my hip because he overpowers me to twist his whole body around. He can climb me. He also likes to superman fly which is sort of making a straight plank with his body when I hold him over my head.


For now, I guess I'll just try eating more and offering the breast more, even if he won't take it. I was finally able to get him to take a little of the excess expressed breastmilk in a bottle yesterday, but he wasn't too thrilled about it. I had two servings for dinner and two for lunch today. Gonna get the hubs to buy me some ice cream for dessert tonight. :)

The more I think about it the more I feel it might be my diet. Trying to breastfeed two babies on my regular diet just isn't going to happen. I need to find a way to get myself to eat.

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